In Her Charge Part ll

 This is another incident of my life with Lynn and growing into submissiveness. Early in the week Lynn told me we were going to meet some people she met during her first job after college, and we would be leaving Friday for the weekend

We left about 3:00 pm for the 2 and a half hour drive down to Jacksonville to meet Joan and RogerJoan was Lynns supervisior for Lynns first job  and they had become very good friends for the 2 years Lynn worked there. We arrived well before dark and were welcomed into a very nice house a few miles from town, after we were shown our room we came down for some iced tea and conversation. Joan is a attractive woman late 30's tall and slender,Roger is about my size 5'10" 160. After a time  Joan suggested we go for a swim in the pool ,sonded good middle of the summer, late afternoon a perfect time to get inthe pool.Joan told Roger he andI should wait on she and Lynn out at the pool,A few minutes later Lynn and Joan came out in their swin suits Joan told Roger to get  our shorts and shirts off in get in, This is something I didn't want to do, since I was wearing some panties  and I had known the people for an hour and no man had ever seen me in panties,Iwhen  was in a panic  Roger ******** and was naked in a flash I sa tha he was as shaved completely as I am, but he was not wearing panties nor was he pierced as I am. lynn told me to do as I was told, I slowly took of my clothes and was very aware that Joan and Roger were watchng, they saw the panties and Joan commented on them...nice...then the panties came off i couldn't hide Joan was to my side and Roger was in the pool infromt of me, I put my clothes on the chair and walked ove and jumped in the pool.they lived well ou tof town and their water caame from a well and it was cold. After 15-20 minutes i was freeezing but I didn't want to get out and be totally exposed ,but I already knew that I may not see any clothing until we left for home,I have been submissive long enough to let Lynn know I was getting out, but I didn't want Joan and Roger to know I had to ask , but when Joan told Roger to get naked and get in he obeyed, so I was now beginning to understand. So I announced I wanted out and Lynn said come over and get a towel.As I got out of the water I had to walk straight towards Lynn and Joan.Joan watched as I came towards them and told me to come to her,come over her I want a close look at what Lynn has done to you , I knew not to disobey and I walked up to her and she took my balls in her hand and look at the scrotum piercing and then held my **** and looked at the fremun piercing, telling me nice and a good job shaving.she also said that she would ever see a **** and balls as small as Roger s but she was wrong, teh cold water had made my stuff much smaller, my balls nearly disappeared under a 1 inch ****.Joan released me and said She and Roger had a gift for me later.Roger got out of teh pool and Joan told him he cold put on his shirt, which didn't hide anything,he was aslo shave adn looked like a10 year old boy also, said to put on my shirt but nothing else, It was difficult for me to be seen by another man Roger grilled some chicken and I was shown where to make a salad, and we had dinner,Roger and I cleaned up ,when we came into the den Joan was showing Lynn a whipping cane, Joan told me to lie donw on the floor face down, she hit me 3 times with the cane and then Lynn hit me 4 times from the opposite side withthe cane, it just about made me cry the pain was searing, I knew better thanto move or it would have been very bad I was told to get up and look at my butt inthe mirror i cold feel the welts already and the nest morning her were 7 long dark bruises actoss both *** cheeks, Joan gave Lynnthe cane to take home. We all went to bed and I gave Lynn several orgamswith my mouthand tounge, and we went to sleep.

the next morning Lynn gave me some nice lacy panties to wear to breakfast, really didn't want roger to see me wearing panties but little choice, I did notice that Roger had no tan lines while the only ones I had were slight tan lines from panties, After we ate Joan  started telling me how Lynn had learned how to Dom from spending time at their house with Roger as the sub, much like Lynn has done with me and her girl lfriends Lynn learned about CBT and all the things she did to me, Lynn said that she knew she had to have a life style like Joan and Rogres and that is why she was so aggressive with me, other guys she dated didn't respond to being dominated ,she also told the three of us that if my balls werent so mch fun to hurt I may not have them now, but they also made me easier to control.Joan said Lynn had a gift from them the cane and Here is my gift, She gave me 2 medillions one in ingraved with Owned by Lynn and one with property of Lynn each with a squeeze clamp for each of the piercing, Joan said she would put on on and Roger the other, Roger came with the small pliers nd Joan put the owned by Lynn on my scrotum and Roger put the property of Lynn on my ****, having Roger handle my **** was anexperience it started to grow bu it was so quick ,if it had taken longer, who knows.These dist are about dime size and are made of titainum like my rings and they jingle when I walk,Lynn said if she knew they wold jingle she wold have done it much sooner.Lynn has been keeping Joan advised of every thing  she was diong and of my progress fromthe time we first met, thats how Joan knew to get the gifts.So no more panites for me this weekend since Joan and Lynn liked to hear me walking around.

Saturday night after dinner and every thing was cleaned up Roger and I went back to the den with Lynn and Joan,Roger and I sat on the floor naked as we had been for nearly 2 days when Roger ask if it would be ok if he had a good look at my piercings Joan said it was fine with her if Lnn didn't mind Lynn told Roger  to Help hi self,no one ask me anything, bu tI knew better than to voice an opinion so he came over closer and began to look close at and handle my **** and balls and I began to erect,since I don't get to ****** very often ,less that monthly it doesn't take very much for pre come to start  and in just a minute I was leaking nd not just at the tip it was beginning to drip, of course the girls saw that and Joan asked if I was allowed to *** ,and Lynn said absolutely not it had not even been a month,Joan said we can stop that, she reached into a draawer and took out a small whip, it seems that Joan is in charge, of everything she told Roger to hold my feet and for Lynn to sit on my chest with my legs spread Joan took the whip and whipped my **** and balls, she hit me about 4 times,I knew not to try and stop her or tr to get up, I knew to just lay there legs spread and take it when she stopped my erection was gone and I was beginning to cry, Lynn said we would have to work on stopping un wanted erections, Lynn said I guess w ecan use the stuff you give Roger Joan said you havent seen how this works, Its been a couple of months since Roger has come so watch this, Roger lay back on the floor and jerk off for Lynn,He didn't have to be told twice, Roger stated working on his **** and in a minute come was spurting from his half erect boy ****, exhausted he just lay there when Joan threw me a box of tissues and told me to clean him up, shocked I didn't move the words just didn't register and I froze, Joan and Lynn got up and came over Joan still had the penis whip and hit me in the balls again I rolled over to hold them and Lynn hit me with the cane on the leg, Joan said to get over and clean him up and I crawled ove with the boxof tissues and began to wipe the *** off Rogers stomach and chest. Joan stopped me and told me tolay back she had a piect of rod 3 or 4 inches long witha short  "T" at one end about 1 inch long it looks just like a T she slowly slid it long end into my uretha and only the short piectewas showing she took a  piece of tape andput it across the t end and to the side of my **** so the rod wouldn't come out .Joan gave the order "on your hands and knees and lick the last of Rogrs *** off the end of his ****"I did ,while thinking of the metal rod in my **** and the penis whip and the cane.

Later that night while licking Lynn to ****** she told me how excting that was and she wanted to see a **** in my mouth again, I told her it wasn't as bad as I thought ,but I was not looking foward to it again. For the first time over the seekend she was the lasat to touchmy **** when she took the rod out , saying she needed to get oneof these . 

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I loved your story. Its what my fantasies are about. (are you sure that you are not a mind<br />
reader?) LOL Having a wife that I could worship, who would spank me to keep me in<br />
line and even have friends that would also be into wife worship, nothing would top this.<br />
The spankings, although they sound super neeeeet, could hurt like h- - ll, so maybe while<br />
being spanked it would'nt feel so good.......afterwards.....I think the "glow" would be great<br />
and I would love it.

Of all the stories I have read associated with a female led marriage I do believe your relationship is the most advanced. I believe it is good for the top to TEST her bottom. Next to breaking the law there is nothing I would not do for her. She has talked about makig me a cockold but we have been together 33 years and I cannot imagine it. If it happens I will obey.