My Wife Spanked Me A Couple Hours Ago And Told Me I Will Be Stopping Smoking.

I was working at the computer this morning when my wife told me to come with her. I arose right away and followed her into our bedroom. I was dressed in panties and robe. She shut the door as I entered.She told me to lay across the bed. I did as I was told. She came over to me and pulled my robe up as to have my panties exposed. she then pulled my panties down and began spanking me with her ash paddle. She said she wanted to give me a little something across my rear to let me know I would be quitting smoking. This is just a fore warning.She spanked me till I was all red down there and then stopped. I arose from the bed and helped my lady up and gave her a kiss and thanked her for the attention.She said I would learn more later.

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A couple months ago the house authority notified me I would be quitting smoking. I had forgotten all about it. that is ,that she told me I would be quitting soon. The morning of the 5th of july I smoked a morning cig with my morning coffee. when I entered the house my wife came to me and kissed me and undressed me. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom,I was told to lay across the bed.<br />
She told me that was my last cig. If I wanted to smoke again I had to nodify her before I lit up.<br />
She then rubbed my naked bum and told me this is going to hurt. She spanked me so hard with this half in. ash paddle it was almost unbearable. Three cigs later I quit. The pressure was so intense<br />
I could not take anymore. Mr. Cold turkey.

I did the same with My husband. 2 cuts of the cane for every cigarette he smoked. As 6 is the minimum here, if he smoked 1 cigarette them it was 8 cuts of the cane and I made sure he felt each one. Yes, the first week he was very bruised and found it hard to adopt "the position" after a few days BUT I cured him. I told him that there was 1 smoker in this house and that was Me. I got no argument.<br />
<br />
After a time he had to report to me any cravings for smoking that he may have had and if he did then I dished out the same. It is all aversion therapy. Like dustymarbles he could continue to smoke and I would continue to cane him - HARD! he stopped smoking almost immediately. Certainly when he found he couldn't sit down comfortably.<br />
<br />
Harsh? Maybe BUT the order was obeyed. Relatively quickly too. Just what I insist upon.

One day my wife decided I would quit smoking. With each cigarette the spankings bacame longer and harder. I eventually reached the point that I begged for her not to spank me. There was no mercy. The last spanking hurt so much that I cried and promised to never touch another cigarette.<br />
I have kept my promise. It took over a week for the brusies on my bottom to fade away. The paddle hangs in our bedroom.

She must be extraordinary to put so much thought into taking care of you. She's not just making you give up a nasty habit but also catering to your need to submit to her. What a lucky little boy you are. She thinks about you all the time, do you know that? Do you deserve that? Have you done enough to deserve that today? Did you do enough yesterday? Have you laid out your plans to make sure you deserve her tomorrow?