My Tail Tale

My first experience wasn't pleasant at all. It was when I was in the fifth grade. I was extremely gassy a lot of the time. The school asked my mom to take me to a doctor to have me checked out. They probed my *** as part of their investigation and it really hurt.
Fast forward 14 years. I was stationed in Okinawa and had a hook up with a sailor that worked as a medic. We met through a mutual friend who he sucked off on a regular basis. I ended up with the same benefit. It was just no-strings-attached, he sucked, swallowed, and no reciprocation. It was great when we didn't hook up with any ladies at the clubs and needed to get off.
It wasn't the first time he did this for me, and certainly not the last. While he was sucking me off, my legs eventually found their way onto his shoulders (with his help). While he was sucking me, one hand was massaging my balls. Every so often, a finger would venture further and further near my ***. I didn't make any sort of deal about it because everything was feeling so right. Before I realized it, he was pumping a finger in and out of me. Not long after, a second joined the party. Then I had the most amazing ****** in my life (to that point).
He did that from the start every time after that.
I've tried to get my wife to do that for me over the years. She seems pretty uneasy about it though.
I do reach back with soapy fingers when I shower from time to time these days.
JosetteLaRoc JosetteLaRoc
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I wish my wife would go that too but she won't go near there.