Used Condoms

As anyone from new york knows, people hand you NYC condoms left and right. I live with three straight guys and one night after we all got back from a night of heavy drinking we sat around the table bullshitting and one of the guys pulls out hand fulls of these rubbers. He said that there was a fishbowl full of them and so he helped himself. They all began talking about all the different types of condoms and the perks and hang-ups of each. NYC condoms were the worst by far they said, after all--they WERE free. They were really thick so they dulled sensation and one of my roommates described it as trying to **** through a shower curtain. The subject was eventually dropped and we all slowly began to head our own ways. I turned around and saw my favorite roommate (favorite as in most attractive) swipe a few from the pile and slip it into his pocket nonchalantly. I grabbed a drink of water and headed to bed. I have the bedroom next to the guy I find most attractive in the house. He's 5'10, athletically built, dark hair, light eyes, and a square jaw--very handsome and having the room next to his and I am no stranger to hearing him **********. I love to hear him watching **** late at night. I listen intently to hear his heavy breathing and groaning above the moaning of the women he is watching get ******. He lets out a nice long moan when he ********** which is usually my cue to do the same. A couple nights after that drunken night while I was home alone I walked passed his room. His door was left ajar so I peaked in. My nostrils were flooded with his scent. I began to get hard breathing in this oily, musky, stale odor that resonated from his room. It smelled sweaty and masculine. I looked around, his clothes were everywhere--the hamper of his dirty laundry caught my eye so I looked behind me and just to be safe, I walked to the front door and made sure it was locked securely. I then confidently strode back into his room and began to go through his hamper. I pulled out sweat stained shirts and buried my nose in the pits. I began to rub my **** as my head began to feel light from the stink of his musky pits. i turned the shirt inside out and pressed the pits which were crested in deodorant hard against my face and breathed in deep to get the full potency of him. While I was sniffing his shirt I also picked up a bunch of his briefs that were *** crusted and **** stained. I brought those to my nose as well and took a deep breath, smelling his salty, sweaty balls as I inhaled and exhaled. I noticed that his computer was left on so I went through the history--which was all ****. I sat in his chair, pulled my boxers down to my ankles, and held his soiled briefs to my nose as I watched his ****. With my free hand I began to stroke myself. I moved my foot and stepped into something wet. I looked down and I saw my foot was in some damp paper towel by the garbage. I threw the briefs back into the hamper and wiped my foot off. For some reason I brought it to my nose and it smelt like chlorine. IT WAS ***! My heart began to race as I picked up the towel. It was only a little damp. I opened it up and there sticky *** stains. I then looked in the garbage which reeked of *****. I stuck my face in and took a deep long breath. I examined the contents of the garbage and observed an open condom wrapper. I don't remember him having any company but I immediately got excited at the thought of him *********** into a condom. I searched through the garbage but I couldn't find it. I was about to give up when sitting by the garbage again were a few more crumpled up paper towels. I opened one of them and there it was full of ***. My mouth began to water and my hands went cold. I picked it up and the smell was so strong. I couldn't contain my excitement. It was wet with lube and I held it up and played with its contents. I noticed that the seed was still milky white which meant that it was more fresh than not and it was also warm! I ran over to the hamper and pulled a pair of briefs across my nose and layed back on his bed. I poured some of the warm *** into my hand and smeared it across my chest and face. I poured a little more out and used it as lube it wasn't enough so I put the entire condom on and *********** into it--all the time fantasizing about how his big, fat, hairy **** was once in this exact same condom. The thought made me shoot--realizing that he had ********** into the same condom really got me off. Afterwards I wiped off some of the *** with his briefs and wrapped the re-used condom back up in the same paper towel and put his room back to the way I remember it. I then began to check his trash everyday for several weeks, reenacting the same scenario whenever I found another used condom. When he finally ran out, he started catching his entire load in paper towels. That was when I began to eat his ***. After a few weeks of not finding any *** filled condoms I began to get annoyed. Most of the tissues had already dried out and crusted over by the time he left for the day so I began waking up earlier and when he would jump into the shower I would sneak into his room and grab the top tissue which was usually loaded with fresh seed. I would usually bring it back to my room to enjoy but when I had the chance I loved to lay in his still warm bed and ********** while I lapped up the fresh warm load he left for me.
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5 Responses May 31, 2011

Damn you are so crusty but it's intensely arousing. Thanks for your story. I've never tried to mine the remnants of my friends *** but I'm going to start. A whole new hobby for me. You're awesome.

if I found a used condoms in street , turn me on so much, thinking what had happen there,

i love too take you both on one in my *** one in my mouth love all the *** you can give me

If you're in NYC and you want some ***, I'd totally let you suck a load out of my ****. :-)

i would love too take your spank up me iam sure it would feel real good in my anal deep love *** up me