If You Love Someone And Let Them Go...will They Come Back To You....etc.

I understand my poor woman, torn as she is between here and there.
The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome are well known.
What I am learning is that other disorders accompany it.
The one I believe she has is N.P.D. Narcissistic personality disorder....
There are similarities in symptoms.The main things I see are a lack of empathy for anyone.
escapism and deception.
inability to hear criticism without violent reaction.
What I have learned about someone like this is total acceptance is required..
When they do come home.Welcome them openly and mean it.
To love someone like this and gain their trust and acceptance
there must be unconditional love.Sometimes called reverse parenting.
The whole disorder is manifested in childhood.
And it lives on and thrives without someone who is finally and convincingly
willing to accept without being critical,
willing to be supportive without demanding support
willing to show strength without taking it personally

It seems that this empathetic way of loving someone can change your relationship or marriage
I see it as possibly the only saving grace for many.

By the same token, as they say in sales...some will some won't
so what... next. :)
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in today's world she will never come back

Too true ....She stayed until August when she really got weird and physically assaulted me for the 4th time in 12 months. I was charged with assault and spent last summer living in a friends workshop because I wasn't allowed on the property. It seems that if you have the wrong set of sexual organs it doesn't matter who attacked who. That's all behind me now...She's gone and I am home....I was smart enough to take photos of the damage and injuries she caused in that brief 12 months.