Interesting Situation?

In october of 2004 I asked a girl out, she was my first GF, first kiss, first... well everything. I was sure we were going to be married. In March of 2006, I was  introduced to an internship about a thousand miles away. When I told her about it, she freaked and we ended up breaking up. Everytime I saw her after that, she would cry, I would apologize for hurting her, say that it can't continue, and then we would end up sleeping together. This continued all summer, and I began to try to get her to leave me alone. She finally stopped about 2 weeks ago when my friend called her and told her that if she continued to try and communicate with me, I would be kicked out of the internship, which was true. Around July, I was introduced to a girl that I found extremely attractive, through a friend that , at the time, really liked her. Nothing happened because I was still sleeping with my ex. I have continued talking to this girl on the phone and on the web, and I have come to be even more attracted to her over the past few months. I don't think that this girl reciprocates these feelings, but I do believe that I am, in fact, in love with her. I now have a case before the council to decide if I stay, I actually don't want to because I want to move back to where I can at least try my luck with this girl.
Wowfreak Wowfreak
18-21, M
Oct 24, 2006