The Enemy Within

This is such a good book! The Enemy Within by Connor Fitzgerald is red hot with action and sexy story lines as well as espionage and information about terrorism and the world of today. But inside all that is an amazing sequence when a woman is stood outside the Oval Office in the Whitehouse. She is surrounded by Secret Security staff and each man there undresses her with their eyes. The author describes it in detail from what she is feeling as they peel each layer of clothing from her body until she is stood against the wall in, as he puts it, just her high heels and nail polish. It is a fabulous insight into the mind of men and women in that situation. I have many times been mentally undressed and whether it is welcomed or not it can be an unnerving experience. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves an action thriller with a killer plot!
FoxyLeilah FoxyLeilah
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Thank you for sharing. I will read this!

sounds good - I will check it out