The Art Of Conversation . . .

I am not that great a conversationalist, and an average listener . . . At parties, I am quiet until I find someone who is the least bit interesting, and then I latch onto them . . .  
Does anyone have this happen ?
MoniqueinSpring MoniqueinSpring
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4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Me, me! If I find that interesting person I can question her (to me most interesting persons are female) and hear interesting stuff without having to find something to say. Of course, if she's good she knows how to question me so I don't shut up.

My brother read this story, and he oftens scolds me for latching on, especially at family get togethers at his house. I should in his words "mingle" more, only because I want everyone to meet my big sister. Then I suggested he just ring a bell and make a public announcement, or issue name tags...
I'm Monique, Gilbert's Big Sister .. could that be so wrong ?

yes im the same way i will observe the people there untill i find and interesting person

I thought so Dave, but you're a real gentleman ... xo Monique

Someone I can relate to, I'm a little outgoing I'll find something to to do, cards, watch a sporting event, or even go outside. Love the outdoors.

Me, I'm a good conversationalist, but it takes two to have a conversation and I'm uncomfortable with monologues on either end. So to find someone interesting and NOT latch on to them is tough.