A Good Enema

About two weeks ago I gave myself a nice warm soapy enema. It felt so good going in and a lot better coming out. The first expulsion was of a long section of feces followed by a lot of short pieces. I filled a rubber hot water bottle combination with two quarts of soapy water. I held it in as long as I could. It is a real blast to watch the bag empty knowing as the bag shrinks, the water is flowing into you. I don't do the enema in the bathroom, though I'm not to far away. It's fun trying to make it to the toilet before the expulsion starts on its own. Sometimes I will take a second enema a few minutes after the first one is done. For a different feeling I have used cold water. I don't suggest it unless you are a long time enema taker. Well I can't put it off any longer so I will now go to prepare an enema for me.
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I like to put hard liquor in my enema bottle with warm water.
A quick buzz...

I usually get my soap enema with quite warm water - seems to really help the soap work on you. I always take two cleansing enemas to clean out all the soap, which interferes with how your body works. The first is quite cool because that induces the cramps.

To keep from leaking I am given either a plug or pull on diapers.