The Boys

My brother and spouse were always driving me crazy and were good friends ... I swear sometimes Joe was with me for my brothers lol.  My brother called one day and at the end of our conversation (usually a crazy one) he asked me to give Joe a romantic type kiss and after tell him it was from my brother ... I am just as much of a goof ball so i did !  When i was done he stepped back , looked at me and i said " yeah thats from Ken !" He gasped amongst other things hahaha ... From that day forth he would hold me by the waist and say " wait is this from you ?" I know it was mean but damn it was funny!!!!
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Awesome family

Lol I am sure that is what he was thinking :)

He was my gorgeous rock ! I did a lot of weird stuff to that man and still he stayed *shrugs *

Cute! Dork!