‘‘come To The Booth''

At college we have got these three sound booths where you can go in to and capture your tapes and do work without being interrupted by anyone else.
Well me and a few mates found Pauls phone, a mate of ours, by his normal computer.
To add to this another girl in our class had been texting him saying she wanted to ‘’meet up’’ with him if you get my drift.
Well Paul was in the booth and we had his phone, so we drop her cheeky text to come over to the booth and she wondered over to the booth to not only see Paul but our teacher Chris as well!
So she waits!
She gave up sat back down again. So thought we had messed it up but no fear we then text her gain saying come over when Chris had gone. She did and the look on her face and his when she went it.
I have never laughed so much.
When we realised he never had his phone on him he found me and the boys and we had never laughed so much in our life’s.........all in good banter.
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YAY, nothing like a good laugh, HUGS, livingwell