My Friend Made My Baby Pee On Me...

i was at my ex-husband's mom's house and i asked my friend aaron if he would help me give my son a bath and he said ok... so we walk into the bathroom and i took my cub's diaper off and turned to hand him to aaron so i could run the water... cavan (my son, who was maybe 3 months at the time) was naked and facing him, and aaron yells don't point that thing at me... i laughed a little and he took him and turned him towards me and said "ah ha" and right on cue cavan began to pee on me... a lot... we're laughing and i'm yelling to point cavan at the bath tub but aarons laughing too hard and can barely move... i'm getting soaked it was gross... aaron finally gets him over the bath and yell's "take the baby!!! take the baby!!! i can't hold him any longer!!! i'm gonna drop him!!!" i look up at him and he's laughing so hard tears are flowing down his face... the second i manage to grab cavan from his hands aaron drops to the floor... literally rolling on the floor laughing... i'm standing in the bathroom covered in baby pee laughing my *** off holding my cub while watching my friend get the biggest kick out of it... it's one of my favorite memories... it was hilarious... gross but funny...
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that's very sweet ! <br />
I love to remember when my now teen daughter was a baby and kid; enjoy the moments they fly by :D!

OMG that made my day thank you for sharing that was great xxx