I'm Sorry It Is Against Bank Policy

I am one who not only follows policies I actually write them for my job. However even I had to say "HUH" when confronted with the following:

I will leave the actual bank name out of my story since I don't want to taint their reputation so I'll just us make up letters…

I walked into BOA to deposit my pay check and told the bright, young teller that I needed it credited immediately.

She told me that it is against bank policy to credit a check and that I will have to wait until it clears the next business day.

I then explained to her that I had been a customer of “BOA” for many years and never had the problem before.

Again she replied that she was sorry however the only way she could credit my account immediately was if it were a “cash” deposit.

At this point I looked at her in dismay. I asked “Can I cash my check for the full amount?”

At which she promptly replied “yes sir!”

“And I can take the whole amount of my check, is that right?”

Again she replied in the positive.

I leaned on the counter and said, “So I can cash my check for the full amount and then turn around and deposit the full amount of “cash” into my account and it will be credited today?”

At this point she saw the folly in this policy and meekly said “yes sir.”

I whispered to her, “Then let’s do it that way if we must.”

Luckily an assistant manager was standing nearby and heard the conversation. I’m not sure if she was watching to see how the young teller handled the situation. But she walked over and instructed her employee to go ahead credit it to my account and not worry about giving me the cash.

I do not blame the cashier. After all, she was just doing her job. But somebody up stream didn’t quite think that policy all the way through
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Nov 28, 2012