Many years ago I took my girlfriend on a date. Being young I didn’t have much money so we went to a Mexican restaurant called Naugles. (It has since been bought out by Taco Bell)

We walked up to the employee and ordered our food. A couple of tacos and I wanted their famous Naugles burrito. (My mouth just watered…) Anyway I thought I would splurge and impress my date and ordered two Brownie Sundaes.

A few minutes later the food arrived hot and fresh. I told the young girl helping us that I would get the sundaes after we finished our hot food.

A short time later and the death of a monster burrito I went to the employee and said that we would like our Brownie Sundaes now.

She beamed and said "I will make them up right now."

True to her word a few moments later she called me to let me know the deserts were ready. I retrieved them in haste looking forward to that hot fudge dripping down the side of vanilla ice cream pooling on top of a warm baked brownie.

My first bite confused me, I must have missed the brownie so I quickly took another bite. No brownie here either. I looked up at my date and she too was brownieless…

I took the confections up to the employee who so graciously helped me a minute ago and told her of the missing ingredient. “Excuse me miss, but there is no brownie in our brownie sundaes.” I almost pouted.
Without missing a beat she turned and said, “Brownie sundae? I thought you said “Girlie sundae so I made them without nuts!”

For the first time in my life I was speechless. I stood there not knowing where or what to do next when the manager jumped in and apologized throwing Naugle bucks at me for my next visit.
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Nov 28, 2012