Getting My First Piercing

I was very excited at the prospect of getting my earlobes pierced in my freshman year at college and since the past few days, I had started exploring several 'Piercing and Tattoo' parlors in my city.

One day, I found myself alone in a particularly shady looking joint (in hindsight, it was exactly the kind of place I shouldn't have entered). Although it was a sunny afternoon, the shop was completely dark inside. The only occupant of this hovel was a drunk (I realized this bit later) and very dirty shopkeeper, nodding away behind a counter on which sat a row of piercing needles.

Confidently walking up to this gentleman, I inquired (as I had inquired from many other shopkeepers before him) if he would pierce my ears. The man gave a noncommittal jerk of his head. At a further attempt at friendliness, I asked how he would accomplish his task. I meant to know whether he would use a gun or a needle, what kind of antiseptic, would it hurt or not, etc.

Clearly misunderstanding the nature of my question, the drunk jumped onto his feet, picked up a needle, caught my right earlobe, and pierced it - all in one motion! Tersely, he replied to my question - "Like this."

Catching a whiff of stale alcohol on him, I ran out of the shop, straight on till I was out of the infamous alleyway... And that is how I got my first piercing!

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4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Oh good grief! Seriously bad customer service. ~Grin

Err... that's scary, actually. Did you sue him? You had every right to.

I got my first piercing done in a hospital with anaesthesia and needles and yet I was damn story is quite funny but scary as well...If I were you maybe I'd faint right there... :P

Ha! Yes, my story has a kinda creepy side, I know.... Actually, I should've seen the danger signals right away. Thank goodness, I got away mostly unharmed!

OMG! I would of been scared and probably ran out too : O

I'm sure most people would've been freaked out! Actually, I should've seen the danger signals earlier...