From Ear To Ear

Now that I have these pearly white teeth in my head, I *smile* from ear to ear! It is amazing me how much change has occurred in me... inside and out!

Besides having a pretty *smile*, I feel healthier. I don't carry pain with me on an everyday basics. My body isn't full of infection that was killing me.... literally!. And when I laugh.... I laugh out loud from my belly.... Because I can now without a second thought of how I look or feel.

It's a blessing! I've missed Me, glad she is back and on the road to recovery. I was going to put this in the group of "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar"... see those teeth, they can chew thru anything. ;-)
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I heard the world got a little brighter late last year. Now I know why!
Thank you for your story.

about four years ago, on another site, i wrote a blog about my *smile*s. that i love to smile, it makes me happy to feel such an expression on my face. but i didn't cause of my couple of teeth missing on the side. i once called myself, a toothless wonder...wonder wonder who? :) that is why i post so many smiles all the time..cause i would be smiling behind the screen and no one was here to see! lol... i crack myself up! so silly. I am different now, i have a pretty smile for the whole world to see... see... *smile* thanks climber1, blessings to you my friend!

I am off to dentist tomorrow
I want new pearly white teeth too!!

giggling.... thank you!! *smile* Even tonight my co-workers told me they notice how much I have ... brightened up! I feel good like I knew I would! ...huh.. I wondered why I didn't do it sooner...go figure. awww! Take care...blessings to ya!