Laughter ? ?

what makes your laugh?

It doesn't take much to get me laughing
i embrace life!

I fill my world with things i enjoy.
with in my everyday world is my 6 pack of dogs
and my flock of Parrots
My chihuaha really know how to work it,
Mis Mea will jump up on the bed run to me and the sit prim, her little head tips up and she starts with her eyes, when i use my pet voice asking her "what,? " what do you want, she starts to blink, as i continue to talk the blinking gets faster,, the second i laugh
she run onto me, and presses her little cheek to my face for kiss's.
for her she thinks if i get to kiss her the return she be she can clean me next. she is a persistent wench who wants to clean my nose, IN MY nose.
tounges do not belong in your nose, hurts like crazy. so i kiss her and scratch and massage and she dives for my nostrols LOL
which you just can help laughing about.
wish i knew how to up load pic to these storys
any care to share how?
littleonejade littleonejade
46-50, F
Nov 30, 2012