Taking My Grandmother To The Doctor

Taking my venerable old grandmother to the doctor is always a task that I particularly dread.

On one memorable day, I had to accompany her to the orthopedic. Granny had been fuming about this particular doctor's excessively business-like attitude during her last visit. (I suppose older people like to have a doctor who doesn't keep stealing glances at his watch when they languorously describe their various aches and pains.) 

With a heavy hand on my shoulder, Granny followed me down the waiting room. An orderly stood next to the door of the doctor's room, and from the broad smile on his face, I could see that he had no clue about the real nature of the being that hid within Granny's petite form.

Of course, you can count on old Granny to disillusion him without further ado. Turning towards the other patients in the lounge, she announced in a booming voice:
"Is The Vet Inside!?"
The contrived grin quickly faded off the orderly's face. He said "But there is no vet, madam... Only the doctor." Granny had her retort ready:
"A Doctor Who Does Not Even Need To Talk To His Patients? That's Called A Vet, Dear!"
The entire lounge exploded with laughter.

When we went inside the doctor's examination room, I found him standing near the door. (I'm sure he heard our little joke) He took Granny's hand and led her to a chair. And from that day onward, my grandmother has never had any trouble with this particular doctor!
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You have an awesome grandmother.

Great story, I think I'd like to know your grandmother.

Thank you... :-)