The Mad Man, Funny Story


A pilot was transporting a bunch of mad men to a psychiatric Hospital and Mpata was among them. The mad men were making so much noise, such that you could Hear from Land. So, one of them entered d Pilot's Cabin;

MAD MAN (Mpata): Hi Pilot, Please Teach me how to fly a plane!
PILOT: I would, but under one condition.

MADMAN: (Mpata) What?
PILOT: If you can get your coleagues to keep quiet. (5mins.. later, the plane was very quiet!
MADMAN (Mpata) : Pilot, They have stopped the noise, Can you fufil your promise now???
PILOT: Wow!! How did you get them to keep quiet?
MADMAN (Mpata) : "I opened the door and asked them to go play outside!!! ok Pls, Teach me Now...
danieldaramola danieldaramola
22-25, M
Dec 18, 2012