A Nice Guy On The Airplane?

   I’m going to retell a story a co-worker relayed the other day. He had a family member transporting something suspicious in her purse while traveling on an airplane. She was detained and questioned but allowed onto the plane after the contents were confiscated. She maintained a pleasant attitude despite her circumstances and took her seat. (she had recently purchased a firearm and had paraphernalia from this purchase in her purse)

       Shortly after sitting down, a nice young man took his seat next to hers. He introduced himself and proceeded to show interest in this lady. They spent the entire flight chatting. He asked her about many things such as how many times a year she flies, her destinations, where she lives, her political stances on a few things, her likes and dislikes. She found it remarkable that someone so young and fit was interested in her, a middle aged overweight woman. She spoke of her flight chat with her new found friend to her family.

         No one had the heart to bust her bubble and inform her that she had likely been chatting up the sky marshal. 
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good one !

You really are a good story writer!