Have A Great Weekend!

Hi ya my fellow EP'eeps!

Just a short note to say thanks, for all the general silliness and mischief making this morning, I've been giggling so much I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to stop! However, I need to tuck the tail away, hide the horns, re-attach the halo, put the inner bad girl back in her gilded cage and go try to be a productive member of society for awhile.

I hope you all have an AWESOME Friday and an even better weekend (I probably won't be online as much this weekend) full of wonderfully silly and slightly naughty fun. Try not to burn the place down while I'm gone, I've grown rather fond of EP and would hate to return to a smouldering wreck caused by too much carnage.

In the meantime, and in honour of my upcoming trip to the grocery store, I leave you with this silly video. Have a laugh and remember: Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Or ... wait ... maybe don't do anything I WOULD do!!!

Lubs ya's!


P.S. - Just a warning: After watching this video you may never look at cheese slices the same way again ...

Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 2 Responses Feb 15, 2013

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Where do you come up with these? Pretty good, thanks.

Go watch "My Drunk Kitchen" ... It's a whole thing. ;-)

I subscribed. She's hilarious! Thanks for sharing the nuttiness. I love it. :)

Where the heck would that be, I looked at all your stories and didn't see anything about a kitten.... Damn girl you need a whole google search engine for your stories alone!

She is hilarious!!! Give me the summer and a pitcher or three of sangria and we could be sisters. ;-)

Google it silly man! :-P

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Wow, and I thought I was the only one with cheese fantasies. Hmmm... ;) Thanks for the laugh. Have a great weekend, my friend!

Hmmm…indeed! Do your fantasies ever happen to include spray cheese, my dear?
*holds 2 cans of spray cheese in the air, deviously grinning*

*smacks you playfully* I prefer spray whipped cream...

Ahhh, rats! Another time then! ;-)

Rats‽ Where? I need to get the exterminator! *jumps on chair and screams*

Here, let me help you down.
*taking you into arms, kisses you, carries you away*

*rolls eyes at the two of you, pinches your cute tushies and runs away*

*smacks your cute tushy as you leave*

Hons list: eye-rolls-√&√

*sighing* Yes, kisses. Delightful. Who cares about the rats now? Are you taking me to the back room? ;)

Yay! I love tushie pinching! *looks for H to pinch her back*

She's here and then gone again, and is enjoying some nice libations ... ;-)

Mmm...libations are yummy. *smacks lips knowingly* I've enjoyed mine tonight as well with more to come when I get home... :D

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