I Kept Track...

My sister and I were talking about grumpy people that we know who we don't think laugh enough.  So this prompted us to track how many times did each of us laugh in a 3 hour period.  She beat me with 34 but I had 31.  I feel that when you are with good company, good laughs should be plentiful.  Nothing cures a bad day better then a good solid fit of laughter. 

 It doesn't seem like enough people today are able to laugh at themselves anymore.  As a teacher, I see plenty of students who take themselves so seriously that they don't know how to cope when they make a mistake.  I say laugh at your mistake and then deal with it.  There are times when I have no idea why I made such a silly mistake but a laugh reminds me that no one is perfect and I should learn from it. 

reachin4goals reachin4goals
31-35, F
Aug 7, 2007