I love hanging out with my brother, I always laugh so much when I'm around him lol.
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Honestly I'm happy for you. I wish I could be that way with mine. We start strong and end the night arguing, glad you two have an awesome relationship:)

You're lucky my brother ****** me off. :)

Haha eh thats brothers for you, right? :)

Yea you got a good one sounds like!:)

Haha thanks :) There's a 10 year age difference between us, but we get along so well :)

Envy is not good but you make me envious, lol! Is he older or younger?

He's older lol

You're almost old enough now to go partying together, that should be awesome. :)

Haha yeah :)

Blessings brother hope to talk to you again. Ciao for now, need to go buy some cold ones.:)

Okay, see ya :)

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