This might not be funny but this is what happen...
Me and my friend saw this dude in a wheelchair one day. He was begging for money so, we gave him some money. The next day, I see this broke down two face con artist ratchet old man get up out his wheel chair walking like normal, smiling laughing and shi* like really?!?!

That's low.
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People in a wheelchair can often still walk y'know...

No but he made it seem like he had this major issue. As if he was missing a leg and had pains everywhere

I have pains everywhere and I use a scootmobile to go to places, but I can still walk. I don't see myself as low due to that.

Some are fake, some.aren't. Next time.try buying the person asking for help a meal.
I came across a young woman with a bay and a sign asking for money. I bought her some diapers and formula for the baby and got her a burger.
She was good, she even started crying and all, real emotional. Some story about the babys dad being abusive and they are on the streets and she dont know what she is gonna do.
Ihad some shopping to do in the plaza she was in so I just waiting.
Sure enough after a.few hours she climbs in to a nice car and drives off. She had thrown away the dialers and formula.
I had the cops there the next day. She must have had warrants because they impounded the car, and took her off.

I seen another person. Saying g he was hungry, so again I bought him a burger and fries and a soda. The man had tears in his eyes when I handed it to him, and he wouldn't so.much as look at me but kept his head down as he quietly thanked me.
You never know real and fake.
Just keep being you and do what you do. Dont the buttwads ruin your goodness.

Baby, not bay. Please excuse the rest of the typos.

I hate that, and the guys who pretend to be veterans. Most aren't fake.

You mean most are fake?

No most aren't fakes. Usually the ones who do that are addicts. I know I'M homeless right now.

Really.. Don't lie.. Wow that's rough

Sometimes it's not too bad. Health is what caused my homelessness, so when you see people out there, there are a lot of reasons for it. Blessings :)

I know

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