My 2nd Happy Ending

I was a little embarrassed at first. I am sure he remembered me from the first time even though it had been 6 months since I returned. I was so embarrassed to have had such an ****** the last time. I still remember practically running out of the room dressed only in the robe they gave me and clutching my clothes. I could not bring myself to look at him or anyone else for that matter. Finally after a little encouraging from a friend (thanks Eve) and a long stay out of town by my husband, I got up the nerve to call and make another appointment.

The day finally came and was as tense as drum but once he started working on me, I completely loosened up. When we first started I was laying on my stomach, naked, under the sheet. I kept my legs slightly gapped and the sheet relatively high but not showing any ***. The layout of the room allowed for his entry through a door down by my feet with a good view between my gapped legs. I don't think he could see much, just enough to get his attention.

As the massage progressed, he stayed the professional and only hit where he was supposed to. I acted as though I was very relaxed, almost dozing off. It came time to roll over. After laying there a while, I managed to "accidently" catch the sheet on my wrist watch. When he had moved to my upper thighs, I relaxed my arm off the table and the sheet pulled up just enough to expose my freshly shaven *****. He kind of stopped massaging but never took his hands off my thighs. He finally started again but did not move down my legs, he just stayed very high on my leg for the longest time. I had my head turned towards him and very slightly opened enough to see. He had the biggest bulge in his shorts that I think I have ever seen.

I let my legs drift a little further apart and his hands finally started moving again - this time in the right direction. Rubbing very high, I don't know if it was by accident or it was a test but his hand just slightly brushed my swolen lips. I did not do anything. Then again, about a minute later it happened again. But again, I did nothing. After what seemed like an hour (damn anxiety), and apparently much in decision on his part, he did it again. This time I responded with a moan and pulling my feet up a little further gapping my legs. This must have tempted him too much because his next move was to blatently move his hands against my labia and as expected, his fingers slipped right between my very wet lips. His hand stayed in this position gently rubbing with gradually increasing pressure. I began giving him slight moans for approval as he got me more and more excited. As I neared my climax, my arm, which was still hanging off the table, wrapped around his leg and I pulled him tighter to me. I openned my eyes and watched him as his attention was intently focused on my *****. He turned and looked at me, our eyes met briefly, as my eyes then rolled as I arched my back. Finally, I orgasmed, soaking his hand in my wetness giving a slightly too load moan. He acted embarrassed but seemed to relax a little when I thanked him and tipped him very well.

I have already scheduled my next visit.

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who is the great massage therapist that gave this amazing tantra massage - i want one too - what is their website?

EP won't let me post this as a story, said it violates terms. I can't figure out what to cut. Idiots.
So here it is. Actually it's not to far from the facts.

I got a call from Elana, my massage therapist.
"Would you be willing to give a massage to a female client of mine? I have known her for a while and I give her a happy ending but I'm not bi and she wants a man's touch anyway. I've told her I have a male masseuse who I can have come in to assist. She doesn't know you aren't a pro but I know you can do a good job".
"Sure, I would be thrilled to do it".
So on the appointed day I go to her office and knock on the door and Elana lets me in.
Her office is only one room in an office building. Since she is certified there is nothing suspicious about it like some of the other massage parlors around.
Her business is mostly men, in fact I was surprised she had any female clients but she assured me she gets some. Most are just women wanting a good massage and have no idea that other services are offered.
Her office is a room about ten feet by 20 feet.
It contains a massage table, a chair, wall hooks for clothes, a small desk and chair with a radio and her oils etc and a small couch.
It is semi dark and warm and smells good with music playing softly on the radio. Very intimate like most massage rooms.
I am introduced to Debby. Debby is about 55, medium height and a little plump but not to much and dark hair. She has a decent figure, a typical middle aged housewife.
She tells me she is a lawyer, is married and is interested in a massage from a man.
Elana isn't bi but told me she has no problem giving Debby a happy ending or helping her do it but that is as far as she cares to go. Anyway Debby wants a mans touch.
So I ask her how far she wants to take this and she says she has thought a lot about it and wants to do full service.
I said I believe that is $200.
"Yes, I paid Elana $50 for the room and I $200 for you."
Ok I say, lets get started. You can disrobe and get on your tummy on the bed."
Debby disrobes and says "how about you. I feel awkward around a fully dressed man."
I had anticipated this activity so I said sure I want you to be comfortable. I had worn loose boxer shorts instead of my usual underwear so I ******** down to that and said I would like to leave these on for the massage part for comfort and she said that's fine.
Elana says "I will just sit here and be quiet for now".
So I start the usual back massage and work down, go to the feet and work up the hamstrings to the butt. I start giving special attention to the butt muscles because most legit therapists kind of glide past this and it is amazing when one starts digging into the butt cheeks everyone says "I didn't know I was sore there, it sure feels good".
I start working the insides of her thighs and moving up but not touching anything good, just brushing her a little. She spreads her legs out more to give me access.
Now I learned something from an Asian girl one time that feels amazing. I got the oil and let a little drip into her crack. As I'm doing this I take my finger and spread it on her crack and rub it into her a******. I don't put my finger in it, just rub it and down towards her p****. Well the Oh that feels good and the moaning starts. After a while I say time to turn over.
Now I start to work on her quads and her belly. Then the insides of her thighs again and right up beside her p**** on both sides, digging in some there. Surprisingly people are sore there many times and don't even know it.
Now I do her arms and hands and then her chest and lightly around her b****** until I can tell she wants me to touch them. Then lightly touch and brush her n******. They are rock hard now.
She has had her hand on my thigh and now reaches up under the boxers to my butt. I am pretty hard by now and she can tell it and reaches around to the front to feel me.
"Just a minute I say, let me get these boxers off."
I slip them down and step out of them and now she is stroking me. "Lovely" she says.
Now I am stroking her b****** and I move down to her ***** and start fingering it. She turns her head and says "let me s*** you" so I move over so she can. She seems to really enjoy this for a while.
I say "would you like me to kiss your p****?" "Oh yes, I haven't had that done for a long time".
I move down to the foot of the table and she spreads her legs and puts her feet up on the table to give me access.
I lightly lick her around her mound and down the sides of her p****. She has her hair trimmed there and I like hair on the p****. Old fashioned I guess but I hear the style is coming back.
"Oh that feels good, don't stop" she says.
Finally I get to her c*** and give it the delicate attention it deserves. She is really getting into it and after a couple of minutes she rewards me with a stomach crunching o*****.
Elana having anticipated the next move comes over and slips a c****** on me and gives me a little suck to make a tight fit and returns to her sofa. I see a little smile on her lips. I can tell she is enjoying the show.
She has benefited from my oral skills so I assume she is getting pretty turned on.
Well the next step is pretty predictable and I get up on her and we both have a great o***** leaving her pretty much finished and me too.
I get off and Elana is there to pull of the C***** and wipe me off and I slip on my boxers.
Then she wipes Debby a little and asks how was it?
"Wonderful, the best s** I've had in 10 years."
"Yes I really enjoyed it too" I said.
Debby gets dressed and gives me a hug and says "can we do this again in a couple of weeks?"
"Sure" I said. With that she thanks Elana and says goodbye.
"Well that was lovely. Did you get turned on Elana".
"I'm so damn h****" Elana says. "Did you save any for me?"
"Well I'm no kid anymore but jump up here and let's see. I will be glad to give you that oral pleasure you love."
What a fun day. Can't wait for the next time.

You should get a massage from me. No blatant moves here. I like to tease and torture you until you beg for it.

It took eight appointments but I now have my therapist asking me for it. I love having her like that. Being able to control her pleasure is a real turn on.

I love to watch her give me a hand job. I think she is having more fun than me.

Mia, sounds like your guy took lessons from me. :-) Any chance you're near Atlanta, Ga?

I have had very similar experiences and gone further. I was excited but felt guilty too.


Any body know of a good male massage therapist who'll give me one near Jacksonville fl or south Florida? Why should guys have all the fun

that therapist in winter haven area and give good relaxing massage.

Great story Mia. Ever consider it going further next time?

I love to watch my massage gal give me a happy ending. I asked her if she likes doing it and she said yes.
She closes her eyes as she is stroking me and as I get more aroused she keeps saying yes, yes until I come. She lets me feel her and pulls her dress down so I can feel her lovely ****. It's a nice hour.

I need a masseur like that.... she's not in the UK is she?

No, lm sure they are there

A beautiful story.

Maybe next time, you'll stroke his **** for him, I bet he was as hard rock!

Where it was located ? Sounds so erotic.

Damn that was hot


yes bet gave big tip and seem to enjoy his fingers inside of you

So glad you enjoy a good massage. It's good to hear from a female that likes the experience. I enjoy providing 'happy endings'... just not enough opportunities

I have been seeing a tantric massage therapist named Frank Paul from Tantric Serenity... I tried it cause I get SO AROUSED during massage... if you're interested in deep, therapeutic releases added to an amazing massage, check him out...during the yoni massage, my whole body started shaking and I had my first full body release... I couldn't move for like 5 minutes! I am in heaven!

It seems to me he got more out of it than a tip. Nice!

Awesome. I love hearing that experience from a female with a male masseur. I have experienced the same thing many times the other way around, me massaged by a female. It is interesting to see read how it feels from your POV. I have also given many massages to women along these lines. However, it was planned and understood from the start.

Where do I sign up ?

One of my female friends likes to give me a back massage braless after she had the baby just before she breastfed the baby. She has done it a number of times over the years.

Wonderful story - I love to satisfy my women with massages.

so here is my question, I am straight, but I have this strong desire to have a happy ending massage with a female masseuse. I do not want a guy, I want a girl. I think I would just feel more comfortable that way. Is this possible? or even heard of? I realize it may just be **** fiction and not reality...

Hot story!

Love your story. I'm always dripping wet when getting professional massages. Men's fingers rubbing up my thigh to my ***, kneeding my ***, lingering on my inner thighs... Such anticipation. Will he do it...

I wish I could find a place that gave happy endings! That must have been incredible.

I didn't know this happen with ladies! I thought it only took place in Asian massage parlors for men!

Here in Germany my wife and I always enjoy getting happy ending massage but very difficult to find such place for women when we made vacation in America. But did eventually find place in New York on internet named herprivatepleasures which my wife enjoy alot much. There nothing wrong to be want someone to get you off without need to do the same to them.

What is it about people getting massages that when it is feeling really sexy that they refuse to respond. I sure an glad I had an open mind on my first exotic massage.

Loved your story. Very hot! Hope you go back & take the things further. :)