Embarrassed During Massage Session

I was having some persistent back pain and needed to see a massage therapist. The therapist was several years older than me and appeared to be in her late 30s or early 40s and was attractive. She told me that it was best to remove all clothing for the massage session. The first part of the session I lied face down on the table. She began working on the hamstrings and opened my legs wider on the table and she began working the inner thighs coming very close to, but not touching my *****. I was becoming quickly aroused and by the time she asked me to turn over I was so hard that ***** was leaking out. It was terrible. The sheet was very obviously tented with a wet spot forming. She didn't say anything and started working on my feet and calves, I suppose waiting for the hardness to fade. It finally went away, and the massage proceeded to the end, but I was thoroughly embarrassed and vowed never to go back. It is unfortunate though as I continue to have periodic back pain and could benefit from the therapy.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

just enjoy your massage