Ahhh... Massage!

Therapeutic or sensual, or a combination... I love them all.

Before I moved, I saw a masseuse who gave a wonderful therapeutic massage, and about half-way through, managed to relax that "other" area, and then continued with the therapeutic massage. Great combination!

I also saw another lady for a pure therapeutic massage. I was never quite sure if she was willing to go further... she gave a great massage to my "glutes," which I really needed, sitting so much as I do for my work. Against the state rules, she didn't insist on "draping," and it sure felt like she got very close to crossing the line. But she never did, and in a way, I'm glad.

Now here in NC, I'm looking for a good masseuse who is willing to provide that "extra" service. I've seen a couple of ladies, but their idea of a massage is very different than mine (the therapeutic part, that is).

Another type of massage that I have enjoyed is the "sensual" massage, a form of foreplay, I guess. The best sensual/sexual massage I got was when my (then) wife hooked up with another couple and gave me a birthday present I will not soon forget. Three pairs of hands, all using individually heated cups of massage oil... heavenly!
jayhavinfun jayhavinfun
51-55, M
Jul 19, 2010