Fun In Texas :)

So my lover, Sexyfeet, went to Texas to visit her sister last week. Not long after she got there I got an email that said:


...I had a massage yesterday - "Chuck" came to the house to give it to me - most memorable! I look forward to telling you about it :)



I got off so many times thinking running through all the possible scenarios, all the possible pleasures Sexyfeet might have enjoyed with "Chuck". It's an incredible turn on to imagine Sexyfeet enjoying the touch of another man or even for another man to enjoy her touch. I know there are many other men that can relate and many that can't. I think you either get it or you don't. There doesn't seem to be much in between.

When she got back to work, to say I was anxious to hear about her fun was a huge understatement but I wanted to wait for lunch so we both could enjoy the retelling of her adventure. We picked up a salad and headed for dead end road where I could pull off her underwear and give her a massage between her legs while she recounted the fun she had with Chuck. This is what she told me:


Chuck called 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to say that he could come early - so we readily prepared the bedroom - set up the massage table, heated the water for the hot stones, lit a candle or two, found just the right music at the right volume.

I was pleased when he arrived - a very nice looking, clean cut 55ish year old gentleman. He prepared his hot stones and requested that I let him know when I was ready as he slipped out of the room. I quickly ******** and slid under the cotton sheet - face down and spoke to let him know I was ready. He didn't hear my first attempt - I could hear my chatty sister so when I heard a break in the conversation, I spoke again and he slipped into the room.

He was soft-spoken as he asked if I had anything in particular I wanted attended to. I had been nursing a stiff neck and shoulders so I requested that he try to relieve the tension. He began at my feet by lifting the sheet off one leg and tucking it in around the other. His hands were warm and within a few minutes I could feel myself relaxing under his touch. After he finished my legs he slowly lowered the sheet from my back exposing half of my buttocks - this would be when he realized that I was completely naked. Again he tucked the sheet under me. His gentle and slow- moving hand touched my groin and I couldn't help but push against it in reply. I wonder if he noticed? It felt amazing as he worked the tension from my neck. When he used the hot stones in the palms of his hands while he rubbed and gently kneaded, it took me even deeper in relaxation.

He broke our silence when he said "Miss Sexyfeet, you're purring" No kidding - my whole body was wanting to purr - I couldn't not purr. Then he held the sheet taut and told me it was time to roll over onto my back. As he placed the sheet over me I could feel it settle as it ever so gently rested on my breasts causing my nipples to slightly harden. He continued to work on my neck and shoulders while supporting my head in his hand allowing his fingers to run through my hair. His movements were slow and deliberate as he traced muscle groups - some leading towards my chest where his warm hands brushed against my breasts. Was I imagining it or did he not notice that he touched me there? Or did he intend to touch me there? I was getting turned on - really turned on.

I was noticing the feel of the sheet as it molded to my shape and touched the sensitive skin on my shaved ****** and outer lips. The purring, I'm afraid, was turning to quiet moans - how do you stop that? Again he rolled back the sheet to expose my leg only this time he didn't tuck. I wondered if he left me partially exposed but I didn't care. He massaged my leg with perfect pressure. I asked if he would massage my hips - he probably would have anyways - he didn't seem to want to miss any body part. He applied more massage oil and masterfully worked my hip - I was almost responding in rhythm as you do in lovemaking it felt so good. He took the liberty to massage the tendons in the groin area and occasionally crept towards my slit - which by now was obviously wet. Before he went back to the bottom of the table to begin working on my lower legs and feet, he slid a single hot stone in my groin - **** it felt good..

I'm sure he intended for me to feel his "package" as he stood there with my other foot touchng it. I even pressed my foot and he didn't move it away - he even pushed against it. I think I know why God gave us two legs - it was for the pleasure of getting to recieve this treatment again on the other one. He was no longer tending to the sheet routine so it just got placed between my legs and this time I was certain I was exposed. As he was massaging ever so closely to my privates, he quietly spoke again intercepted with heavy breathing "Oh Miss Sexyfeet.... I don't mean any disrespect so please don't be offended by what I'm about to say .....but...... you have a beautiful are so hot....and... you have me so turned on."

For the first time since the massage started I opened my eyes to look at him. His eyes were intent on my body as he watched his own hands caress me. I reached out to touch him "yes" I said, "you have me very turned on too" as I almost gropped at his manhood through the thickness of his pants. Funny - he took that as permission to fully engage in sexual pleasures for me. With both hands he massaged and worked me into a horny frenzie as he spread my lips and slid fingers into my wet and waiting ****. My eyes were closed and my back was arching in approval while my hips thrust to the slow thrust of his fingers within.

Eventually he slid his fingers out and I felt the gentle prodding of his tongue about my **** hood followed by light sucking of my labia before he spread my lips with his fingers and inserted his tongue fully into my sopping hole - I heard him moan as he had his first taste of my nectar. He reached for and cupped my breast with one hand and wiggled his other fingers back inside my **** while he continued to flick and lick my swollen **** until I succumed to the pleasure and reluctantly orgasmed in silence.

His touch lightened and he removed his hands and returned to his role as masseuse seemingly determined to keep this a 'happy ending'. With roaming hands over my midriff, bodice and chest he gathered my breasts and lowered his warm lips to suckle causing slight discomfort followed by highly arroused nipples and increasing desire. He requested that I roll back onto my stomach, which I did almost reluctantly. Perhaps he sensed my reluctance when he told me he was going to massage my buttocks for me. Reluctance? What reluctance? Did I just flip over like a fish on the bottom of a boat?

I love a good butt massage and Chuck's didn't disappoint. With excessively oiled hands he kneaded and probbed every notion of tension from my derriere and just when I didn't think it could feel any better he spread my legs and massaged the pressure and pleasure points often associated with bicycle seats. Oh the ecstasy as he again fingered my **** and then slide his fingers up my crack to massage the butt checks before returning via crack back to my waiting ****. On the final trip his hands spread my cheeks and his tongue lapped at my anal hole taking me to yet another level of pleasure.

Propping myself slightly onto one shoulder I took hold of his **** which he had released from captivity and was hanging out of his unzipped trousers and drew it towards my mouth. He was well endowed in girth and his length increased as I circled it with my tongue before slowly sucking him in one inch at a time. He stood pressed against the massage table for stability as he arrived at full erection and warned me that he was close and tried to pull away. I refused to be halted as I bobbed in increasing rhythm with my mouth and hand wrapped around his thickened **** applying friction until he ********** pulse after pulse of salty warm *** deep into my throat. He too reached his ****** in almost complete silence so no one on the other side of the bedroom door would be privy to the sexual favours being granted.

Chuck slipped into the bathroom and quickly returned with zipped pants and eight small hot stones. His last and final touch would be of my feet. As he held my foot in his hands and rolled his thumbs from heel to toes I quickly fell back into total relaxation and before proceeding to the other foot he placed the hot stones between my toes. The other foot received the same treatment and when he removed the stones he then put my big toe in his mouth and sucked it briefly creating yet another moment of sensual arousal.

Time had slipped away on us and my one and a half hour massage was broaching on two full hours. Two hours that I'll remember for a long time - two hours that have fueled many fantasies - two hours that I wish could have been more - two hours of one big happy ending!


Sexyfeet is so ******* unbelievably hot. I fingered her while she told me the story and couldn't wait to taste what was a very dripping wet **** by the end her tale. I licked her till she came (no doubt thinking of Chuck) and then fingered her hard while she was *******. She fondled my **** during a brief Q & A after and then she devoured my **** like only she can, taking me over the edge and swallowing ever drop (except for the *** that glistened on her lips). But sucking **** makes her very horny and then she was asking to be ******. Now there usually has been someone that walks by on the few times we had visited this dead end, but by this point, we were too turned on to let that stop us. I took off my pants and climbed on top of Sexyfeet in the passenger seat and slide my **** inside her very wet slutty ****. **** it was divine! It wasn't long and I was pulling out to let Sexyfeet suck me dry again, my bare *** in the air. Surprisingly we didn't see anyone but we weren't really paying attention. We often wonder how many times we've been caught without us knowing.

Thank you Sexyfeet for turning me on and pleasuring me like no one else can! :)



Have you ever had a happy ending?  Would love to hear your comments :)
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Great story! Turned me on!

Glad you enjoyed it! It still gets me hard instantly when I think about it. Sexyfeet is such a hottie.