My Erotic Sensual Massage

I had to go away for work interstate, so I did a little research on erotic massages, (look up Yoni Massage on internet).
As I was staying alone in a hotel room I thought what the heck I'll be brave (or stupid??) and book in a full body sensual massage. I know I would be nervous but after reading all about these massages I knew I had to have one.

Before the massage I was required to shower and so was the massuer.

The knock at the door came, I was shaking I was so nervous but I wasn't going to back out now I wanted to try this so bad. I let the massuer in, we chatted for a bit while he set up the table and got the lights right, he sensed I was nervous and told me all would be ok. Now it was time to begin. I was dressed in shorts and shirt.

He told me to come and sit on the end of the table he was behind me, he started to give me a scalp/head massage this felt really good and I started to relax and he sensed this too, he told me to take some deep breaths which I did. This lasted bout 15min. I then had to stand up while he stood behind me rubbing his hands all over my body. Off came my shirt more rubbing then my shorts were next, singlet top I was now down to my bra and panties, it wasn't long before my bra was unclipped and my panties off. I was totally naked, his robe came off now too. Both naked.

I got on the massage table face down. The oil was dripped all over me, he started at my feet slowly moving up my legs, ***, back and shoulders. His hands were firm but gentle I was totally at ease now. Now he moved my legs apart he started rubbing the inside of my thighs going all the way up my legs then starting over again, this time he didn't stop his fingers touched the outside of my ***** ever so lightly, then he'd go down to my feet and start again each time going further and further into my *****, he felt so good, then his fingesr ran down my *** crack rubbing all way that felt amazing I've had anybody do that to me before. More oil was dripped onto my butt I felt it run down to my ***** he was rubbing inside of me now. Wow and omg is all I could say. Then another light rub of the rest of my body and he asked if I was ready to roll over. I sure was.

He dripped oil on my legs and began at my feet working his way up to my belly and breasts, he stopped at my breasts and began to rub them all over and then working on my nipples, rubbing and tweaking them. This was so good I could feel myself getting wet. One nipple was in each hand he was working them so nicely, using his thumb and fore finger. He then moved my legs apart it was time for the Yoni Massage, one leg was almost off the table, starting at my feet his hands worked up my legs to my *****, oil was dripped on my mound I could feel it run down the sides, he rubbed my mound slowly moving his fingers down each side he had my outer lips between his fingers, it felt amazing, then one hand opened my lips and he began rubbing my ****, holly **** I was in heaven, then he'd change again, one finger inside then two and three and four rubbing my g spot, he hit g spot several times over, then one hand came to my nipple and he started to rub my very firm nipples. This lasted about 30 minutes but I could have it go longer.

The whole massage lasted for about 2.5 hours, it was a truely an amazing experience, he only ever used his hands on me no sex ever took place and that includes oral. Though I do have to admit I was holding and rubbing his **** but that was all.

After the massage finished and he lef, t I jumped into bed and got out my toys just had to have another play. I was on a high for days after, when I go away again I'll definately be booking another massage.
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Frakka, watch the link below

That was so hot!! Got me going just reading it!! Hi there fellow Aussie, care for a chat sometime? I'm In Tasmania.

Very HOTTT indeed. Among the many things India has given this world - Yoni (vaginal) & Lingam (penis) massage, it's a Tantric form of massage, seems to have really caught on. Good you enjoyed it.

Amazing story. Thanks for sharing. I'm just so happy that you went ahead and did it. Nothing wrong with satifying your needs. I'd offer to help. You wouldn't have to pay and I promise to behave.

About once a month I'll have a massage that ends in a happy ending but it's never as erotic as what you described. Amazing experience. Makes me want to become a therapist.

If your ever in Sydney I do this too. Love to give sensual massages my wifes Yoni loves it

I've studied relaxation and erotic massage. Loved this story. Would love to have been the masseur, you seem to have really enjoyed it.

Wow lol


Wow. Lol

Bravo, bravo.... Fantastic. Report.... :)

I want a Yoni Massage!

dam thats one horny story,.......................sweetly written too.............. cheers for sharing

sign me up. where was this?

Yoni massage or tantric massage are wonderful.

OMG that guy was so lucky to have been rubbing your body, I bet it was hard for him to contain the oral too... lol...

Wet kisses...

sounds like a wonderful experience. I hope your next trip is as eventful!

I am so happy for you. Massages can be so sensual. Thank you for the exciting story. By all means treat yourself again.

I had a massage this morning. She gave me a happy ending. LOL

o my god that story made me *** like crazy wow !!!

love it! this is what I want but with a female. I just wouldn't feel comfortable with a male since I'm married.

if you ever visit Canada I could give you a great massage!

super hot

Sounds amazing :)

My wife would love this. Thank you for sharing.

Loved your story very much as I know what you went through!
Hey I do Yoni massage and I do just about what you have described.
I find it very erotic rubbing my hands all over my client's body and getting inside her Yoni.
I get a lot of enjoyment from it but not as much as the clients do. I also do it as a naturist massage if the client asks but a lot are too shy, but not all.
I am able to control my erections very well and normally only get hard when I am fondled.
On one occasion I had the client get me to ***** half way through the massage and started to play with me and she ended up more or less forcing me to have sex with her. Far from the normal but most enjoyable.
I went home and she said she would call me again next time she was in the area as she was staying in an hotel.
The 'Yoni' massage is very erotic and very sensual and will get you into the right mood for anything.
So if you are ever in the UK fraka give me a call and I will give you a Yoni massage for free!

Massages are an awesome way to release all kinds of tension. Its good to see more women with these stories.

May as well book it, when something feels that good it is a good idea to do it again. Enjoy the Bliss!

Mm delicious

thats what i want to get for my girl.... very hot

Hmmmm loved your've got me all aroused ;-)

You paid for the massage and enjoyed for 2.5 hrs. What else can you asked for? I have no knowledge on massage, but I did that for a few female friends using my imagination on how to please them with relaxation strokes and only focusing pleasuring them and the end result, all of them not only did really had a very relaxing and sensual time, but sexually felt very satisfied. We don't really need to be physically involved to feel sexual satisfaction. That's what I call a complete massage. A partner who only focus to pleasure with full of patience you will do the job.

I want this for my wife!!!! Very hot

I want this for my wife!!!! Very hot

Who did you call?<br />
How can I get them to *** over?

Great story, I enjoyed that very much. :)

The story looks like a fantasy. Yet it is so exciting. Love to watch a woman's face while she is getting that pleasure. I have done it with my wife (and a girl friend long ago) and each time my hands carressed her inner thighs and around the genital area, my wife closes her eyes. She almost goes into a trance....Its wonderful. I have often forgotten my pleasure just to watch her...

Very hot story

I had no idea that there was such a thing as erotic a business I mean. That's AWESOME! Heck, though...I'd imagine that if you found a man...he'd do it for free.

Loved your story and have heard of Yoni massage and want to try it. Sonds extremely satisfying and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing and would love to be a friends. Wish I could find a yoni massage in Calif. Thanks again

Oh what a wonderful experience! My wife and I just recently began enjoying the pleasures of sensuous massages in our is an incredible turn-on! Thanks for sharing. :-) dc

I want one!

Great story! So erotic... If only there is yoni massage here in jakarta. My wife would love to experience it...

Being a straight male, I got carried me away bc of your story and experienced this massage with you, so sensual that I would almost book your massuer myself.....thankfully I have a great long distance oh so wonderful massage of ears, sight, and mind, that I can catch the lack of it....wonderfully written....

REad your comment on my story and read this and yes they are hot, I have had many since that day and absolutely love them....<br />
<br />
no sex but a happy ending lol ;) love that bit <br />
<br />

Sounds so good, thanks for sharing your story, I like it! Need a lingam massage now.

Just come and visit me near Melbourne and I will help you out! Have the massage table! Dx

Great reminisce! Really well written too.

Nice! I love to read stories of girls that love to receive erotic massages as much as guys (me).!!

hmmmm.sounds good and interesting.wait I will search erotic massage too.LOL:)

Thank you for sharing. I like doing this for my wife, not expecting an ****** myself, but just to give her time to reach those blissful peaks.

Fantastic story! I love giving erotic/sensual massages too. You need lots of time to do it well! Love to be added as a friend if you are interested. Dx

I thought differently about 'intimate massages' until I read a few stories on EP. Now I think I'll look into booking one of my own, It sounds fantastic! I once had a lover who had a way with his hands, I miss that about him sometimes. But that's all I miss. I would rather pay for a massage than open those ugly doors again.<br />
And the whole experience was very well laid out. Kinda got me excited..

If you ever get to Oahu Hawaii e-main me to get together so I can give an erotic massage your girl. It is not sex, just my hands making her feel very aroused and then relaxed.

Hot story!

if you come this way I will be sure to give you what you please I can do that massage with or with out scented candles,

good on you rub his love mucle you had fun so did he thats the massage i like

i feel it as i see you<br />
every touch i feel it<br />
its magical story<br />
<br />
keep going a head

Reading your story I got all perked up, I was feeling down in the dumps, but a good friend and your massage story is what I needed to feel better about myself. You are worth it and so am I. Thank you Fraka, thank you Mich.

Ohhh, really sensual and so erotic indeed! But I'm not sure if I could also hire someoned to do that for me. I guess i'll have my intimate partner do the honors. :)

That was very hot indeed! <br />
I learned some new tricks from your story! My gf and I do things a bit differently. I would strongly recommend doing this with an intimate partner. The possibilities are endless, sensual and sexy as hell! <br />
I have her on her stomach with a pillow under her waist so her butt is arched upwards a bit and the rest is history...

Wonderful !!! Have you ever had a 4 hands massage ?

Mmmm so hot sounds like what id like to do to someone.....