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Love To Give Exotic Pleasureful Body Massage...

I love to do this although don't do but yes in fantasy and in pleasure thoughts its always there, starting from taking my girls toes in my hand massaging them gently, Moving to the in step of both feet and asking her to breath deeply,Slowly Massaging her heel and achilles gentle yet firm Asking her to close your eyes and be relaxed and think about heavenly trip, Going to a place with no stress while I quietly start stripping her clothes ,Working my way up to her calves to the backs of her knees firmly massaging the muscle and kissing her gently, Pressure to her inner thighs brushing with my hand and letting my fingers linger for some extended teasing squeezing her breast with both hands my thighs rubs against hers My hot breath on her neck biting her softly and deep while my tongue circling the spot as I sink my teeth into her skin Chest against her back as waves of pleasure and pain hit her again
Massage becoming a night of passion and fun I am here to serve her all night long Meeting her every need, want and desire
Giving it all making the world right Touching her deeply with my love this wonderful night
simplydbest simplydbest 22-25, M 4 Responses Oct 4, 2010

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@ Fraka,<br />
Was it invitation or appreciation.

WOW that was a beautiful experience thanks ! I hope lieu does that for me

Just talk to him, and convince ur feelings to him.....

I'm the same way.. I enjoy to massage my man for hours if he let's me :) i just wish he would do the same...