Relaxation And More

Back in Denver, my friend Rita and I were out having drinks and talking about the stress of men, work, etc. and she mentioned she had a massage table. She offered to give me a good massage to ease my tension, so we headed back to her place.

We had a glass of wine, and she put on some soothing music, and then she suggested I undress and wrap myself in a towel. I did as she suggested, and then laid flat on the table...she started on my neck and shoulders and it indeed felt wonderful. I didn't think anything of it when she pulled away the towel and her hands continued to work down my eyes were shut and I was in total bliss. Then she moved and started rubbing my feet, and proceeded up my legs to my thighs

Then she told me it was time to roll over. She just said" just relax and don't say a word", as she opened her robe and slipped it off. She poured oil over my breasts as she slowly teased them, and then she proceede down acroos my stomach, until her fingers began to play with my ****..bringing me to my first climax

I kissed her deeply, as I told her " now it's your turn"
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Sensual massages can be so incredible, and like you I love returning the favor. I've had them from males and females and when done right by either it is an amazing, climactic experience. I've had them done in a rush too and it's quite a let-down.

Got me thinking...

sounds very erotic

How can I sleep after imagining this in my mind?! Very erotic! I'll be back to read more in 5min. was wonderful

sounds like a wonderfully sensual experience.

Sounds like something I would do

Wow now that is very erotic! Great writing....

so romantic ....

I still waiting to hear about how her massage was.

Wow, what an experience to never forget. :-)

I love stories with happy endings!

wow sounds very relaxing and enjoyable , good for you !