Very Naughty Pantyhose Massage

My wife of two years refuses to fulfill my fantasy of having her giving me a massage while wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose, she thinks its too wierd. So I have been going to an oriental massage parlour, and the owner, a pretty young asian lady, has no problem massaging me wearing pantyhose, it feels so erotic. The last time I visited, she told me she had to leave and wouldn't be available, but said her boy friend, who was a masseur, would be happy to give me a massage. Before I could say no thank you, she said she would be right back, and returned a few minutes later with him. He said to me, "Tina told me how you like your massage, I think it sounds exciting and would love to take her place and I'm sure you won't be dissapointed." I decided to go ahead, took my shower, put on my pair of sheer pantyhose, and went to the dimly lighted room and layed on the massage table. Soon he entered the room, closed the door, and began to lightly massage me. He started with my feet, working up to my mid section. It did feel strange feeling another man's hands touching me, I was tense, nervous and embarrased. He told me to relax as he lightly ran his fingers up and down my inner thighs, It did feel good, and when he massaged my crotch I really got excited, so much I found myself arching my hips up as to allow him to massage my bulge. I never felt soso guilty and ashamed, because I knew it was wrong, nasty and naughty, and yet it felt so good. He softly said to me, "Honey, don;t be embarrased or feel guilty, just enjoy the experience. Then he told me to turn over and lay on my back, and I noticed he was wearing just a skimpy pair of black nylon bikini briefs, showing a very large bulge underneath. He started rubbing my crotch, lightly, then to my total surprise, he removed his briefs exposing himself. He had a smooth body, muscular and had penis that was enormous in size, and I must admit it looked very sexy. He placed the tip of his **** against my lips and said, "Don't be shy darling, I want you to try somthing different, and I promise you won't regret it." I opened my lips and allowed him to slowly insert his hard **** into my mouth. I was so confused and perplexed because I liked it so much, but decided to accept it all and started to enjoy his **** in my mouth more and more!!!! I ended up sucking his sexy huge **** the rest of our session, the BEST massage I ever had!!!
nelsonliberty28 nelsonliberty28
4 Responses Sep 4, 2011

It is great to hear how much you enjoyed your first ****. I hope you have had many more gratifying experiences pleasing other men. I am glad other guys will read this and realize it is OK and spread the practice of men making other men ***!

that was soooo hot!!

It does sound like fun after thinking about it. I think they ha you figured out to start with, dont you?

not for me