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I love giving massages. People have told me they could fall asleep, and begged me not to stop. I prefer the person being almost naked. Skin to skin contact makes for a good massage. I set the mood by shutting all the drapes and blinds, light some scented candles and turn on some soft piano music. I start with the feet. I spend time on the heel and toes. I work my way up the thighs and to the butt. People giggle when I massage their butt's but they admit it feels amazing. Then I massage the back. It's hard to explain exactly how I massage, I just go where I feel it is most important.
As for getting massaged. Holy ****. I think it is so sexual. I love being touched by someone. It is an instant sleep inducer. I think there is nothing more sensual than a good massage.
lightsaboveus89 lightsaboveus89 18-21, F 20 Responses Oct 13, 2011

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I agree that its so amazingly sexual but never a sleep inducer for me... it always gets me revved up :)

I too love giving massage to my women friends. I love working deep into their muscles and anything else they desire. I prefer my clients to be nude as well for the skin to skin contact. None of my clients mind that I am nude too. I love when they fall asleep telling me they are very, very relaxed and comfortable.

I hate falling asleep during a masage, but love feeling my entire body being stimulated. I always wonder what the massuese is thinging when she works her way up up my thighs and I start to swell with my hard on standing straight up. I prefer the ones who are not arfraid to brush against it and maybe even rub it to a happy endong. But the ladies who are too professional to do so make me very frustratede, but don't want to be the perv that asks them to complete the job.:( Not sure which you are sweetie but Thank you for sharing.:)

I love, love massage. It is so relaxing, so wonderful, such a nice way to treat oneself. I also love giving massages, and yes, being nude for a massage is really the best way to go. I love it when I am getting a massage and the massage therapist has no hangups about touching. My current mt says that touching is something that should not be limited or restricted. It is an amazingly sensual, beautiful and relaxing experience. One of the best ways that I know of to make my whole body happy :)

Also, it is a beautiful way to do something nice for someone else, to give of yourself while creating pleasure and relaxation for someone else, truly is a great gift to share.

I agree. It is just nice to to touched. You sound like you would give a good one.

There is nothing more sensual than a good massage - I totally agree, both giving and receiving. I love giving a slow deep massage. I start with my subject lying on their back. Working from the toes and feet and work up to the shoulders. I know what I like and try to replicate that when I give a massage.

Love them when they become even a little more sensual... love those bold little fingers relaxing alll muscles and more...hehe<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />


I completely agree! Check out my massagew stories!

Getting a massage being nude is an amazing experience...there is lots left to imaginatin and if the masseauer is cooperative it is heavenly

Yes I agree...massages feel wonderful and can sometimes lead to a more sensual massage

I also enjoy giving massages I prefer to give them nude. you're right about the skin to skin contact, nothing more enjoyable than being able to relax someone completely.

I also enjoy giving massages I prefer to give them nude. you're right about the skin to skin contact, nothing more enjoyable than being able to relax someone completely.

I also enjoy giving massages I prefer to give them nude. you're right about the skin to skin contact, nothing more enjoyable than being able to relax someone completely.

Sounds like a nice way to start a session. <br />
<br />
I enjoy being completely nude during my massages.They are always very special and freeing.

Feel exactly the same....wonderful hands on body and sof touches.

Have to agree, massages are both very sensual and can be very sexual. I have fallen asleep in a massage but don't like to as I feel I have missed out on something! Lol. But I have also given and received many sensual massages that make all the senses wake up. And yes, I have to agree that getting my bum massaged feels awesome! I have added a story or two of sensual massage on here (EP). Feel free to read them and comment if you like. Love to be added as a friend if you are interested. Take care. Dx

What a lovely and a beautiful touching story lightsaboveus89 (no pun intended) lol :)<br />
<br />
I remember when my Girlfriend used to massage my feet for hours making me puddles in her hands. It was so intense and sensual It was always very arousing for me and also her. She loved giving me massages and I love giving them too her back. We'd even set up massaging sessions where she would massage me where ever I picked or I would massage her at where ever she picked. And we had to massage one another for only hours (because you couldn't pick minutes they weren't allowed).<br />
<br />
Her favorite places to massage on me where the soles of my feet as wrinkled as they are and my toes (since they are a size 11). We had so much fun and sensuousness with our massages :) I really do miss those times like that.<br />
<br />
If you would like to talk more then feel free to send me a message or Add me to your circle if you would like to. I'm still new to EP and only have two friends so it's not like you would be a bothersome :p<br />
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Take care and be well stay blessed also

I just love my butt getting massaged, it's so sensual and i love to rub my whole body up the girls back.<br />
As You say nakkid is the only way, candles and incense sticks certainly help

Sounds like a great massage!! Where do I sign up??