Las Vegas Massage (true Story)

I love to read sensual massage stories, and always wandered what would I do if confronted with a masseur that goes beyond the therapeutic limits. While I do not consider myself a puritan woman, I am not an exhibitionist. I confess I love massages, and usually I get horny when getting one, when done by a good looking man. However, I have never encountered an improper act by a masseur, other than perhaps rubbing their erected penis on me every now and then, until now....

My husband and I went to Vegas for the New Year, and stayed at a 5 star hotel on the *****. We decided to go to the Spa, and I scheduled a 90 min. massage, while he was getting a facial and a hair cut. A Little about me: I am a Blond 5"10, who exercises regularly and very happy with my body, with the exception of my breasts until last year, when I had breast implants. Ever since, my breast and nipples are extra sensitive, and sometimes only takes someone to look at them for me to become aroused and my nipples erect.

For my massage I left my G-string on, since as mentioned before, I don't like to flash skin. The masseur was a tall, dark skin good looking man, that acted somewhat gayish, but not openly gay, this made feel more comfortable.  He began my massage laying on my stomach , and he uncovered me down to my hips and began massaging my back. When he was rubbing my sides, his fingers would touch the sides of my breasts, and this would send electric shocks down my spine. When he was massaging my lower back, he began rocking me, first side to side and then back and fort, these movements made my clitoris to rub against the table, making me wet with desire. He then proceeded to massage my legs and when his hand were rubbing my inner tights, I felt he brushed my undies with the back of his fingers a couple times, me believing he was gay, I opened my legs a bit to give him better access to my inner tights, and his fingers began massaging me dangerously close to my *****. While this felt really good, I didn't't think much of it.

When it was time to lay on my back, he very professionally held the sheet above his face for me to turn, and began massaging my collar bone and in a casual way he said: "you know, I have this wonderful oil that it's very good to prevent development of scar tissue in breast implants, I'm going to use it on you". He began massaging my breast in a very seductive way, avoiding my nipples until he said, lets don't neglect those nipples, and then he began to rub oil around my aureoles and rubbing my nipples with his fingers, pinching them very gently. They became erected and hard with his touch, making my ***** all wet. I was relieved I was wearing my undies, so he would not smell my wetness. He covered my breasts with a towel and lowered the sheet down to my hip bones, to massage my stomach, and his hands would go beyond the sheet, rubbing me just above my undies. When he noticed my lack of pubic hair (I like to be be clean shaved, with the exception of a small landing *****). When he noticed this, he said " I  have this other oil that it's very good at preventing ingrowing hairs, I gonna use it on you". He began to rub his hands with the oil on the sides of the stub of hair and then very casually he said " I don't want to stain your beautiful undies, let me help you to remove them" and without giving me time to respond, he held my panties from both sides, and under the sheet he removed them and placed them on a chair. He uncovered one leg, keeping my ***** covered, bent my knee, and began rubbing my ***** under the sheet, by now I was soaking wet and told him in a friendly manner that I was glad he was gay, and he responded "you know, appearances sometimes can be deceiving" at that moment I noticed that my knee was resting in his hard penis, that had a small stain at the tip. He continue massaging my ***** under the covers and he mentioned that the oil was edible, he put a drop in his finger and said here, taste it, when his finger was close to my lips, by instinct I opened my mouth and allowed his finger inside. Don't ask me why, but I began to suck his finger, imaging it was his ****, and his fingers began rubbing the opening of my inner *****, without putting them inside, I began rubbing his penis and he unzipped his shorts and  a dark, long and thick **** appeared before my eyes. I began ******* him off, while he began rubbing my ****, and still sucking his finger. I had a powerful, lasting ****** in no time. After I recovered, he said "let me give you another taste of the oil" and he put a drop in the head of his penis, he then asked me to turn on my side and put his **** in my mouth. I began sucking him, and after a short time he said "I'm gonna ***" and I told him to come in my mouth. In not time I had tons of *** in my mouth, making it difficult to swallow all. We rested for a few moments still with his **** in my mouth, while his finger were resting in my *****. He finally pulled out, cleaned himself and me, and left the room.

Later when I saw my husband and he asked me how was my massage, I just mumbled you know, the usual. While the experience was exhilarating, I feel bad, since I have never cheated nor have I ever lied to my husband, and now I've done both. Any advice?
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What a great, sexy story! Bet you were very relaxed by the time he left. Know my wife has had several massages when on work outings - hope they are as hot as yours!

What a great experience. You only live once and despite the guilt you loved the experience. It was probably a one-off but you never know!

that's the kind of massage id like to get with my wife. I would like to watch her do that or both get that done at same time with two male masseuse. such a hot story

Call me on it if you will, but I don't see it as cheating. Nothing planned, no emotional connection...just a very hot, steamy few minutes in this short life we 're blessed to experience. Thanks, loved the play by play recap...Cheers!

Please forgive yourself if you think that you have done something bad. Please move on. I always go to massage, and I understand it.

Wow...amazing story. It sounds like this was a one-off experience. It doesn't seem like it's changed the way you feel for your husband. If anything, it seems like it has alerted you to a weakness. I think there are some things better left untold. You realize what you've done. You're fine...and a little horny. :)

Nice story, thanks for sharing. Sensual massages happened 'now and then' and we got caught up with the moment - so just keep it as a happy memory and don't risk telling your hubby!!!

It is one of those things that you enjoy and dont let it happen again. Sometimes things are beyond your control. There is no reason to tell your husband at this point. Aptly said earlier. What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Enjoy your memories.

any hints as to the name of the hotel???

awesome story thanks for sharing.... dont forget about it .. keep that memory ..make it last forever... its not like you were hooking up with him later... it was just a sensual massage.. a very sensual massage

Hot story, lucky lady. Bet you can't wait to see if all massages could end that way now?

krist10milf,<br />
I don't think telling ur hubby is the issue here.<br />
I think it's that U not only went along with the Adventure, But U wanted it! <br />
U say "I don't know why I did it" but, U do know, <br />
U wanted to have him and the Fantasy / Adventure!<br />
<br />
The issue is not :<br />
Should I tell him?<br />
It's How do I tell him, I wanted it, I liked it, I let him *** in my mouth, and<br />
i swallowed this Strangers ***** with out remorse! <br />
<br />
Yes the issue is Do I tell him I Craved the Adventure and I loved it! Soooo,<br />
Do I want MORE? *I think U do... That's whats bothering U...<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing Ur Adventure with us, and I hope U find a solution to Ur Dilemma.<br />

dont tell your husdand he mite be jealous

You might want to consider how our husband would react. Some men would be very jealous about it and others might actually like it. I'm one of the men who would like it. I mean as long as you were not going to leave me (were I your husband) then I would love for you to be with another man, so long as you told me about it. What you might want to do is explore it a little and tell him that you got very aroused during the massage and you wanted to tell him that. See what his reaction is and tell more (or stop) ba<x>sed on that. You could tell him for example that you have *********** remembering the massage that you got aroused over, but nothing happened if you think he will react negatively.

That is such a hot story!!! As a married man who has paid for sex and finger banged strippers , dont tell your husband. He doesnt need to know. my wife will never know and thats the way it wiil be . If my wife had this experience she may open up to sex and become better at it.

Sounds like a wonderful experience

Enjoy, and no worries. What happens in a Vegas massage room stays in Vegas. I think I need to get a massage gig in Vegas.

You are such a naughty girl you need to be reprimanded I wish I could do it

just enjoy the moments you spend with this guy, it was fun, dont punish yourself for it as it wont let you sleep. I was good sex, you enjoyed and that's the end of it. You still love your husband as much as before, that hasnt change. I agree with the posting above. It was a fun experience no more than that, your experience to keep to yourself and only to be remember when you play with yourself... ;)<br />
<br />
I know the feeling I have been there, dont complicate things... just think of it at sex for the fun of good sex.... cheers

The important thing is, you are with your husband. You just had a little appetizer. Nice story.:)<br />
<br />
Can you give your husband a massage now using those same tacticts ? ;)