EP Massage

Saw my EP friend gentlehands today, and we traded massages.

We were both nude and I did his backside from head to toe, making sure to hit every part.
Then let him do mine, and he spent quite a bit of time on my lower back and ***.
I turned over and let him caress all of me, starting with legs up to my thighs.
Once done there he gave me a very erotic boobs massage as I stroked him. He then caressed my belly so softly, and felt so good.
Then I asked him to finish and he knew what I meant. Once he started to finger me it was not long before I had a great climax.
Then it was his turn and I caressed his chest, belly and legs. He was fully hard so I put my hands to work on his 8 inches.
Took a few minutes to get him off while he caressed my butt. When he came it was sure a lot!!!
Always great to see him

NOTE: the dual massage is not something I offer to clients, but have known him for several years and we are close friends.

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Id give you a complete sensual massage inc the tao lines of your *****

Typically more women get massages, but why aren't they joining this conversation?

Yes, I have had the pleasure to give and revieve such massages many times. Many of them were chronicled here, (for over 2 years) but EP removed the stories as "violations." This may make me leave this site, which i thought was accepting of adult content.

I am giving my therapist a massage on Monday, she will be draped, her request, but I am excited about giving back to her some healing touch

lucky guy to have such a sexy and considered masseuse... I really enjoyed you account and stirred some powerful images form last year... OMG I have to catch my breath... lol

I perform this type of massage too. It's rare that a woman will do this for me even though I make sure she is satisfied.

There is nothing like a good hot massage administered by a professional!

I used to trade massage with a woman who was licensed, but it was never sexual. She taught me a lot. I then met a girl who wanted to trade sensual massage at her house. She was also nude and would massage my entire body bringing me to ****** twice on the table. Amazing. Then I would give her massage and bring her to one continuous ****** eventually having another ****** myself. I do miss those days.

I've already shared my last story but I give massage to a female friend at my house. I am nude while giving her massage but I won't give her the happy ending. It is very sensual but not sexual to me.

I just happened to stumble on your story yesterday. Given what I am presently going through medically, I was glad to read this and realize that I am not completely dead LOL. It was what I needed to read :D

you are really a great massager.But i m confused which massage is best for body if the option is only one :- swedish/thai/korean ?
Pls. guide ..

This is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing and I do look forward to sharing these kinds of massages with friends. Over the years, I have shared sensual massages with a few masseuses often times after several months or years of building trust. While never trained formerly, I have been told my technique is good!

Very hot!

Brandy, that is a most erotic story of sharing. The circumstances that were present were perfect for this massage to progress as it did. In fact, something would be missing if you and your partner had not shared this experience in the manner it was.

Great to have such a good friend. Sounds wonderful and sensual

Sounds wonderful....