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I Would Love To Be Massaged

I haven't actually had a massage before, but I really want someone cute to just rub me in warm oil, and relieve my stresses.
Anyone Interested?
deleted deleted 26-30 4 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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Happy to massage you!!

I got a massage once, and I hated it. Being rubbed by some stranger was very irritating. It made me feel angry and hostile. After about five minutes, I told the therapist to stop.

There is nothing better than a totally nude - erotic massage. It is both relaxing and stimulating. At a regular Spa, you have to be on guard not to get your member excited and aroused. In an erotic massage, you get the regular massage plus the massage therapist gives you tender and pleasing rubs on your member, on your boy hole, under your arm pits, your bouncy balls, the place right under your bouncy balls, the tendons on either side of your member, and he may even insert his finger in your boy hole many times as your member explodes with erotic relief. It is great!

say i ;)