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Oh My!

Finally cashed in the Christmas present from my future in-laws . . .  a couples massage at a funky little spa in the river-front area of Fort Myers that is being inhabited with businesses that are taking over homes and properties. So inviting . . . painted lime-green and pink . . . Verbena and Pentas bursting in bloom and color standing guard around the entrance. Quiet Saturday late morning.

Met Jen at the quaint sitting room where she enthusiastically greeted me with cool water, a slice of orange and a friendly touch of my shoulder. Allie for my fiance. Both ladies mid-30s. beaming and glowing. It was apparent that they knew they would transform us. 

So they did.

If you've never had a massage, go. Now. Immediately. Imagine a room with two beds (well, they're massage tables), dimly lit, innocuous and soothing new-age music lightly playing, the smell of lavender permeating. Fiance and I kicked off sandals, shorts, undies and tee shirts and got snug under a sheet and light blanket. 

It's difficult to describe a massage other than what one already knows. My flesh from toes to scalp and every muscle, sinew and fiber were kneaded, pulled, stretched, rubbed and smoothed over with oils and aromatics. "Is that a good sigh?" Jen asked with a slight giggle as soft sounds must have escaped my lips from deep within. "Not a full-blown ******," I parried with a whisper. "Touche!" Fiance was making similar yummy "Mmmmm" sounds next to me.

It was that delicious. Who knew there were that many places that needed attention and manipulation? I've got parts of my butt, thighs, arms and neck that have never been plundered and pampered before. She even found and loosened up an old shoulder injury . . .  smashed up body surfing when I was 11. I can now after 15 years touch the spot between my shoulders far more easily.

Ninety minutes? Sheeet! It seemed like, maybe 30. 

Gushing thanks after another glass of orange-infused ice water ("Gotta flush away those toxins" we were told) and then left to dress we considered naughty possibilities as our naked bodies basked in the massage after-glow. "That was really amazing," I said to Jen, squeezing both of her hands. "I know," said said. "We'll see you again soon."

Post-script:  Down the block another funky newly inhabited place serving formal English tea in a beautiful setting, complete with china and splendid silverware. We waltzed in for brunch . . . riding the massage cloud and high . . . and realized flipflops and white tee shirts might not be enough. But it was. The only remaining table by a picture window. Quiche and salad with coffee. Next time tea.

Oh, splendid day!
HootieBootieInLuv HootieBootieInLuv 26-30, F 15 Responses May 13, 2012

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Always, always a spot of Earl Grey Tea! Dont be shy about ****** in massage, ( most really good massage therapists see it as a bit of a compliment) I'm not talking about seedy places but, if you google massage pressure points you'd be amazed at the network of nerve endings that start all over the place and end.... yes you know where....
lol I have taken classes and love to give massages, I had a friend ****** while I was massing her.........feet!

its all how you use your hands! so glad you enjoyed!


dame , I luv to find that place for the misses .I go to asian massage place that are very good but diff to communicate what I really want done but don't want to offend anyone . thx for the journey ..... wait'n to read more ...

Thank you for sharing your romantic outing. My wife and I enjoy a couples massage at a local spa as our date afternoon from time to time. We go and enjoy as you did feeling wonderfully relaxed and sensual - all the juices flowing. A few times we just could not hold back after the Masseuses left us alone to relax I hopped up on the table for a blissful finish to the massage. We then head out to our local cafe for late lunch or early dinner with a sparkle in our eyes.

I really relate to your story. I love the way you describe the massage.

I've enjoyed many "back rubs", but this sounds like a very different experience!

If you get the opportunity or if someone is considering a gift keep it mind.

spas and massages are heaven. Its that virtuous feeling of being healthy (and eating free fruit) when actually you are just lazing about, being pampered. Did a mud treatment the other week. Locked in a little room smearing mud all over, could have got messy if I had been with a sexy bloke (rather than an elderly colleague)...

Got a Korean massage a few weeks back. Felt like I had been beaten up by a grizzly bear. So gain without pain, I guess ....

Pummeled, pricked and pounded? Sounds delicious Babes.

it does when you put it that way .... Especially the middle one ....

Beaten up during a *Korean* massage, eh? Hmmm... sounds like you had the "Enemy of Kim Jong Il" treatment. :P

I went to a professional masseuse to heal a knee injury. He was not always gentle as he had to release the trauma from my quadriceps especially, but a bit less urgently from my hamstring and my calf. For a good 15 minutes and perhaps 30 he put real pressure on the quad and on a pain scale of 1-10, it was about a 5 ---which is pretty high for me but would be an 8 or more to anyone not used to pain. Anyway, the point was to release the pressure those large muscles were putting on my knee to get blood circulating there to heal it. It took a long time (6 months) to fully heal the knee, and about a year before I could lift real weight (100 lbs ascending a staircase) using that knee. But the knee is naturally healed.<br />
The masseuse had a plan and used it. All the tension went away<br />
and with normal circulation, my body healed itself. The muscle memory is about two weeks so that is how often I went.<br />
The rest of the massage made me "lossey goosey" for a long time, and that in and of itself was a great pleasure.

Massages are amazing :) Gotta love being pampered. Sounds like you had a fabulous time with the fiance!

love the happy endings....

Thanks for sharing, inspires me to share my experiences...

Mine came with Happy Endings...

I couldn't agree more. Couples' massages are magical.

Does you slinky, forked tail get in the way?

Nope. I like when it gets stroked...

I feel relaxed by proxy - such bliss. <3

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day. You've reminded me of all the massages I've gotten over the course of my years... and right now I feel like I could go for another one.

sounds like they did a good job on you as well ??


I couldn't agree more ... In fact am starting to think I'm addicted to my therapist, Hoda. She's a young woman, I would guess early 20's of Egyptian descent. Small hands almost always cool to the touch. She seems to find muscles in need her magical touch that I didn't even realize I had. My back being my favorite followed by shoulders and hands. Always 90 minutes as well that fly by at record speed requiring a return visit every 3 to 4 weeks. Couldn't agree with you more and actually the more you go the more you will enjoy / benefit as your therapist will get to know you and your body overtime. <br />
<br />
One key to a successful massage is communication. Tell your therapist where you're sore, what feels good and what doesn't. <br />
<br />
Great story!