But With Fibromyalgia Its Painful

I have Fibromyalgia, so when I get a massage it can be very painful.

I was in a car accident a couple years ago. the chiropractor prescribed massage therapy. After the second session, I had to say no more because it was so painful. They told me I just needed to drink more water, I told them it was more than that it was because of my Fibro. they did not understand. Most people think massage would be a good idea, well its not, or I haven't found a Masseuse who understands my need and level of pain.

I like the immediate relief but the extreme pain that follows, oh man.I do want someone to press on my Firbro points, this causes an immediate ******. I had an online Master who played around with this type of pain and it was was wonderful . Loved it!!!!!!!! Thanks Hans.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I have fibro but I love massage. I can't handle deep tissue massage though. I can only handle moderate pressure, and I seem to do well with longer strokes and good flow, kind of like lomi lomi massage and swedish. I think when you have longer strokes, you are hitting more trigger points and relaxing me. Shorter strokes or spending too long in one area, and I get tight and antsy. I also need a lot of cushions and support more than the normal person. Thankfully, I have a massage therapist who is wonderful.