I Got A Fbsm...

My first massage
I had found my first masseuse in an online ad . Blonde Hair Green eyed woman offering a full body sensual massage.                
I am living in a sexless marriage and needed physical contact without cheating, I convinced myself that I was justified
For doing this as long as there wasn’t intercourse…
Freshly bathed and groomed I knock on the door of a very nice home in a very nice neighborhood.
The door opens slightly and a woman’s voice answers , Hello ? She asks to see my id and then shows me in.
As she shakes my hand she says your hand are trembling that is a good sign. I laughed a little and said, yes, I feel like
a kid. She  said relax, I enjoy making people feel good. She walked towards the kitchen and popped a bottle of massage oil
in the microwave.
The house smelled so clean and was very well kept. Her ad said she was a low volume provider…
She led me back to a nice guest room, she had candles burning and nice smooth music and nice clean sheets on a bed.
She said, now Bare, get as comfortable as you would like and lay on the bed on your belly. I quickly got undressed down to my BVD’s and
turned towards the bed. Bare, is that as comfortable as you want to be? She had a black night gown top that went down to her butt, I couldn’t tell what else she had on, she was very voluptuous. I tugged down my BVD’s and placed them on my now folded clothes. It felt good and exciting to be naked in front of someone else.
I laid down on the bed, I felt alive and had butterflies also. Holly came to the head of my bed and started on my hands, oh my goodness.
How could something so basic feel so good .  She was warm and she made small talk. She moved up each arm and applied oil to my shoulders and back.
And took a lot of time with me and made me feel special. I told her how good she felt , she giggled you deserve this and I like making you feel good.    
She then stopped at the my waist and then moved off of the bed and started with my feet, taking her time. I was in true heaven just as my feet were being pampered and then she started moving her way up. I was anticipating the intimate touches. She worked her way up to my inner thighs and was very liberal with the oil. She reached under and gently started touching my perineum and then to my testicles. I lifted gently my hips and she reach and grabbed my penis and scrotum back and started massaging everything slowly and gently. The feeling was fabulous and I was on the edge fast. I was determined not to end it here, Bare it is ok, Holy said… and with that she sped up her strokes and she milked me onto a cloth she had ready… and with that I collapsed and just enjoyed the ******. I felt a warm cloth being used to clean me and covered my Bum with a warm towel. Holly said relax and I will be right back. Holly stepped away and  drifted off into a relaxed nap.
In about five minutes Holly returned and pulled the towel off of my bum and said, now roll over Bare. I rolled over and I was so relaxed and felt so complete and renewed already, it was a wonderful feeling. I was fully naked and it felt good, the air was out of my woody and I was flaccid.
Holly resumed the massage, this time Holly straddle me and started massaging my chest . I could feel Holy wasn’t wearing panties , her bare skin made my blood stir. She sat so she was high on my pelvis as she massaged my chest and started playing with my nipples. Every flick of my nipple was like a electronic line to my genitals. The blood flow had returned and Holly was enjoying making my body respond. I suddenly had the urge to cross the line and I was wanting intercourse, but somewhere deep inside I couldn’t do that. Holly moved down and positioned my
legs so I was spread eagle and Holly drizzled the last of the oil on my member. She then massaged me like I have never been massaged there before and I came again releasing another load of pent up energy. I felt such a peaceful joy and sense of comfort. I was on cloud nine and had no sense of guilt at all. A feeling of I am worth this and shouldn’t be deprived of life’s simplest pleasure came over me.
Holly asked, so how was that ? She giggled knowing the answer.
I showered and dressed and left feeling like I was on cloud nine and felt that way for 2 weeks after. Yes, I have made it back and everytime is a great experience.
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I am ready for anotther adventure....

wow how nice. Well i learned some things reading this and will try it when i can. It sounds like so much fun. So does two times pretty much satisfy a man??? Can you give me more details about how she massaged your goodies?? I can't wait to try this on a guy.

I would be happy to...

Did you ever try this at home ?

I am in serious need of a full body massage...

wow what a story....dreamed of massages being that way... so far no luck

well they dont come for free... but its nice making others feel good

That would be fun, to have a friendly massage exchange. :)

Enjoyed your story. The thing that caught my attention to it was something we both have in common living in sexless marriage. I wish I could find a good masseuse to help relief the pin up sexual energy that I have.