Cl Full Body Massage

I've had massages of many types, for many purposes; from therapeutic recovery from hard training, to performance enhancing (pre-race, not sexual), to the sensual full body massage. I've had massages from girlfriends, my wife, and certified massage therapists, from men and from women. This one was unique, and very special...
If you've read my other stories, you’ve probably gathered that I live on a sexual roller coaster. This particular incident occurred almost a year ago, at a time when I was at the bottom of a hill, in need of sensual touch and sexual acceptance because I wasn't getting any attention from my wife. I had just finished a long race and my body was still sore from a combination of a lack of training prior to the event and the hard effort I put out during the race. I was sore, I was horny, and I was sexually frustrated. My wife would be out of town for still another week after I returned home, and as I drove I contemplated many options from CL singles for a quick fling to finding a couple for an MFM encounter, but I was also fighting the guilty feelings. I compromised on a CL Massage in hopes of something more than a normal massage, but short of “cheating” - this is just massage, right?
My heart raced as it always does when I look through the many CL offerings searching for something that looks "safe" - I've looked on here many times in sexual frustration, posted many times in search of human sensual contact, and to this point had never gone past those steps. I finally found an add that looked good, and sent the meet-up request. My heart skipped a beat every time my e-mail account lit up w/ a message - my quarry of the CL Massage request was responding, and fantasy was becoming reality. All I really wanted was a female to massage me, and to be able to be naked, without sheets binding me, as the massage took place. We never confirmed this prior to our meeting, but since it was a CL posting, I was hopeful.
We set a date, and I spent the next day preparing. Deciding what to wear, cleaning up the house, determining where in the house we should do it (I was hosting) - so many things running through my mind. For location I decided it was safest in the family room. For what to wear I decided on black, almost sheer gym shorts (no liners and very loose) just in case I was supposed to be clothed. Really, I had no idea what to expect. She finally arrived. She was pretty; a little girl-next-door type wearing a loose T-Shirt and sport shorts. From what I could tell she had a nice figure – she was kind of tom-boyish almost. She came in, set up her massage table, and asked where the bathroom was. I didn't think anything of it - she was a woman, she obviously needed to use the bathroom first - women always have to go pee... right? Still not knowing what to expect, and not wanting to embarrass myself or her, I sat like a little kid on the table still wearing my shorts waiting for her to return and give me instruction.
WOW – she came out of the bathroom and had transformed into a sensual goddess! Gone was her T-Shirt, and in its place was a sexy sheer black top that fit tight to her body. Her once hidden figure was in full view now – beautiful firm breasts bordering between a B and C in size, perky and full with beautiful slightly erect nipples surrounded by perfectly sized areolas. Her loose sport shorts were replaced by skin-tight booty shorts, and what an *** she had! “OK” I thought to myself, “I’m definitely over dressed!” I asked anyway though if I should take my shorts off, and she simply replied “Whatever you are comfortable with”. I was aroused, but more in my mind than my **** at this point, and I was still maintaining a non-erect composure – whew! I’m comfortable with my nudity, though still felt like a kid as I ******** down and out of my shorts. I think I stood a little longer than I need to in order to ensure she got a good look at my fully naked body. OK, I was gaining my courage again and the exhibitionist in me was starting to come out now. I climbed up and lay on the table face down, and asked if it was OK for me to touch her as she touched me. She simply replied “Anywhere but under the shorts”. How I would have loved to do a massage exchange with this beautiful woman, but she had already confirmed with me in prior e-mails that this was not an option.
She started at my head and shoulders, and expertly worked every muscle on the back side of my body, from the top down to my waist, and then from my feet up to my ***. She spent a lot of time there, paying special attention to my hamstrings, inner thighs, and gluteus region. As she moved about my head and chest area, I let my hands roam her thighs and butt as she passed by – she was very fit and firm. Time to roll over…
I had gotten a little aroused, and was about half mast at this point. It was exciting and arousing, but at the same time so relaxing. This time she started at my feet and worked her way up my thighs, stopping short of my groin. I was getting more excited the higher she got, and was now fully erect but not throbbing hard. She moved up to my head again, and started working my shoulders, down my chest, and along my hips and abdomen – still avoiding my erection that was getting harder and beginning to leak lubricant at this point. My hands were getting a little more aggressive now and as she bent over me, almost putting her breasts in my face, I reached up and began to massage them gently. They were firm, full, and oh so sensuous. Her hands reached lower now, and slowing, carefully, began massaging my **** and balls. I parted my legs to allow her access to every part of my sensitive region, and she worked me like she had read a book on how to arouse and please ME. How did she know all the buttons to push? I slipped my hands inside her top, feeling her bare breasts, her smooth skin, and her hard nipples. As she bent over further I reached out with my tongue and licked her nipple, suckling on it gently with my lips – was she doing this on purpose because she wanted it, or was I being too aggressive? She certainly wasn’t complaining. It was too much; her soft touch, her succulent breasts, the relaxing sensuality of it all – she increased the pressure to just the right amount, stroking my shaft fully, and I erupted gloriously releasing the last of the pent-up energy, frustration, and need. She was a healer in every sense of the word, from my body to my soul. I felt so relaxed, so content. She placed a warm towel over my spent **** and slipped away as I drifted off in pure relaxation.
She returned in a few minutes, changed back into the girl-next-door person she was when she arrived, gently toweled me off, and asked if I enjoyed it. I told her “Yes, that was the best massage I’ve ever had, thank you”. She left after I paid her and she had packed up her things, leaving me with a very fond memory and experience. I’ve tried to contact her since this massage for another one, but she doesn’t respond. I knew she was only visiting from out of town, I’m just glad that our paths crossed like they did.
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Rereading your story.... it was as hot the second time... I am going to be looking for another massage soon... :)

Very nice story and well written. What is CL ? I am about ready to look for another encounter myself. Have you every looked at ? It is free...