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Nothing Better...

Being an active person I tend to have sore muscles, knots, strains and such quite a lot. So there is nothing better then some strong hands and fingers which know how to manipulate the body in all the right ways. I can feel my stress and discomfort melt away during a good massage, it's heaven.
aussie003 aussie003 18-21, F 2 Responses May 21, 2012

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Aussie-- I'm also quite active and know exactly what you mean by sore muscles and knots. A good massage is priceless!!

Agreed Sara! I've always wanted to do a mini massage course or something, would definitely get use out of it I'm sure.

When you go to massage, do you prefer men or women to massage you or it does not matter of the gender of massage therapist? Would you prefer to be draped or just naked?

I've had both men and women, draped and naked.
It really depends on the type of massage. As long as it's a good one I don't mind!

I am a nudist. I never be draped during massage. I never be massaged by men either. I prefer women massaging me.

I don't care whether it's men or women, I just want a good deep tissue massage to work out the knots. I usually am draped, the women that have massaged me seem to prefer it that way. I've had a three different men massage me. Two of them had me naked, I haven't had the opportunity to have a naked masseuse, but think that would be great.