"happy Endings"

I'm never one to judge other therapists on how they provide treatments to their clients since after all, they are both consenting adults. I've been a therapist for 12 years, taught massage therapy for 4 of those and would never have approved a "happy ending" with my clients.......until now. Rewind back to about 6 months ago- I took a Tantric yoga class that lead to an exploration into Tantric bodywork. The experience was both profound and enlightening. I discovered that 'sacred massage' along with energy work, culminating into a final release was something that shouldn't be stigmatized by our profession, instead, it should be celebrated. The majority of my clients still receive traditional modalities (deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial work). However, after learning that I have Tantric Bodywork experience, some of my clients are now showing some interest. Two clients (both females), have been asking for Tantric massages on a regular basis. They described the experience as 'outer body bliss'. I just performed aTantric session with my first male client last week. I hope other therapists become less myopic about sensual touch and allow their clients to fully savor the beautiful experience of bodywork.
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are you taking new clients

My wife has always said that her massage therapist has been able to release all of the tension and stress from the day to day hustle and bustle in her job and sometimes just from driving in traffic. Her therapist also gives her a Tantric massage and it is her preference now, as with your two female clients. She has said a traditional massage is not nearly as relaxing.

Massage is a wonderful way to relax. I've never had a Tantra massage but it is on my list to do. Sounds like your providing a good service in todays world. Wish you were in Calif

Loved your story. I have received tantric massage from both women and men, and although I am not attracted to men I do prefer to receive sensual full body massage from a man.

I completely agree. This would be a much better world if everyone could experience completely surrendering or completely pleasuring a complete stranger. I have done this with both men and women and both have been awesome experiences.