Went To Get A Massage.

I think i was about 15 and i went to get a full body massage. When i got there they gave me my room to go to and told me that Sue would be doing my massage. When i got in the room i started to *****, once i was naked i just put all my clothes on the ground and got on the table. Sue walked in and said why hello there cutie. She oiled my whole back butt and everything then started massaging me. Then she flipped me over and oiled my front of my body, thats when i noticed that she was naked too. She oiled my boobs making my nipples hard and then she oiled my soaking wet *****. Then she massaged my whole front body. I rinsed off quick and came back in and said i think my ***** is still a little tense can you rub it again? She took the hint and said here sit on the table ill look at it. I hopped up on the table and spread my legs as far apart as i could eagerly. She squatted down and put her face by my ***** and pretended to look for something wrong. Then she said heres the problem and said ill fix it, she plunged her face into my soaking wet **** and started licking it furiously. After a couple minutes i got to my climax and started squirting my girl *** all over her face. Then she said care to re turn the favor? I said i would love to. I laid down on the table and she crawled onto me and lowered her soaking hairy **** onto my face. I licked and licked and licked she tasted so good. She started soaking my face with her girl *** as she squirting rapidly on my face getting my top clothes wet too. She got up and said oh your good. I said you taste amazing. 
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Sounds a great experience

Great story

Always wanted a full body naturist massage with a yoni massage added at the end. Would also like her to perform a body to body massage aswell. Have not managed to find the right masseuse here in the uk yet. How frustrating.

When you do find a yoni massage therapist in the uk will you let me know i am desperate for this x

love a squirter