Suprise Happy Ending

I had been in London for a few hours working long hours and was on a low amount of sleep. I noticed across the street from where I was working there was a Chinese herbal remedy shop that also did massages, about £50 ($75) for an hour which is quite good value for London.

When I paid and went to the room I noticed the towel used for draping was a little small but it wasn't a problem. Before you continue to read I would like to say I'm 25 years young, sexually active and a little naive. I ******** to my underwear and when the masseuse came in she said "You want underwear off?" in her best English. She was middle ages, average looking and Chinese. I complied with the removal.

The massage wasn't great, she was talking to me a lot which I haven't had before. When I entered the room for a massage I had no intentions of any kind of happy ending but I would always be happy with one. After doing my back head and shoulders for 30 minutes she moved onto my legs, this massage felt much better and she was doing a good job whilst slowly moving higher and higher on my legs. She spent a lot of time on the inside of my thighs with long slow strokes and it was getting me really excited. I was trying my hardest to fight back the erection but blood was filling the area and my prostate felt tense. She continued to massage the top of my thighs when she removed the drape and started to begin massaging my *** cheeks. This sudden extra nakedness really shocked me and then instantly made me more horny. There was no more fighting the erect penis, it was fully hard and wasn't going anywhere. At this point I was hoping that it would lead to a happy ending as otherwise it would end up slightly awkward.

She asked me to turn on my back, I was pitching a tent on the towel and it was as obvious as it could have been. She massaged my chest and moved lower, I felt like I was going to explode and then she started to massage my upper thighs again gradually moving up. She positioned the towel so that my testicles were showing but my penis wasn't. After a few strokes she kept touching my balls. My heart was racing and I was desperate for something to happen at this point and that was when she asked "You want massage here?" and points to my penis. I said yes, we agreed on £30.

She grabbed some oil and let her hands do some work. My word she had done this before, it was the most amazing feeling ever. My first fear were that I wasn't going to *** since I need to be in control for this to happen normally but I ended up shooting in under two minutes.

This was nearly a year ago and I can't wait until I'm in the area again so I can make another visit. I've since gone to two other masseuses that openly advertise tantra massage and they've been fun experiences, I think I'm getting addicted...
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I also had a very surprise happy ending in London recently. I was in staying at the Shangri La hotel and got talking with the nice guy at the concierge. He recommended a nice restaurant called Sushi Samba and i went out for a wonderful meal.
When i returned i went to thank him for the great referral and asked him if i could book a massage at the spa as i was still a little jetlagged from the flight in from LA.
He told me the spa was closed but that he knew a visiting massage service that he could recommend. Anyway cut a very long story short, an hour later the most beautiful young spanish brunette arrived all equipped with her candles and oils. The massage began as normal then about half way through when i was on my front i felt her body against mine skin to skin! She was sliding up and down me it was an awesome experience. Then on to my back for some of the same and finished with a very expressionate happy ending. Thank you so much to the concierge at the Shangri La and also to Giselle the masseuse who i met. I believe the massage company is called Karma Tantric.
Just writing this has made me want to do it all again when i visit London next.


Great story...really liked it. Have any stories about the tantra?

Great story. LOVE those massages :-)

love those Chinese massage ladies

Great story! I also recently discovered the pleasure of massage, last year. There was an Asian massage parlor at a truck stop near my house. I had known it was there for some time but was afraid to go in and try it because I was afraid I would get carried away and do something stupid and get in trouble. I was naive and didn't know for certain what I could do and could not do, or what the girls would and would not do. One night I waxed bold and decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised when the girl told me to take "everything" off. Then a second woman came in and they both massaged me and let me touch them and fondle them to my hearts content, for a tip, of course. They were very sweet and nice. I just fell in love with Asian girls. But soon after that I discovered they were not there anymore, and an employee told me they had been kicked out by the new owners! Now I am bummed about it. I don't know where else to go find another good place like that. Woe is me. : (

Sounds very healthy...

You can get hooked. But they are great and each one is different as to how they approch the ending!!

I am a little bit older but went for massage many times.And you want to always remember the lady is working ad not much she hast see or done.Always be polite and sincere.and when you first go in be more specific.want your age ask or you get my age.they would ask what we did for work,told them concrete.As she was rubbing my hands,feeling for calous hand,if not then I was prob law .but when they knew you didnt bs,the massage got lots better and longer.But when the knock comes,dont try for longer or u both get in trouble.P.S.littleKorean gals party the best.