I Can Do You Good!

Who needs a good massage? We all do! That's why we joined this group, right?
Starting when I was a teenager, I've always been able to provide excellent massages ( and other benefits!) to my girlfriends.   I  was told that my skills were very good, so I decided to explore this talent by going to school to officially learn what the pros did. I attended the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy in New York City. I studied for one year - anatomy, physiology, reflexology, and, of course, massage, among other things - 500 hours. Then I took and aced the state licensing exam. While I did learn a tremendous amount, it really came down to the basic talent that I had already possessed.
Not long after, my 'girlfriend' era was over. I got married and lost interest in touching others for money and changed careers. It has been a while since I've practiced this innate skill, although I know that it will be just like riding a bike.
Well, now my 'married' era is at an end and I am considering using these skills once again.  So... if you're interested in having someone that knows what they're doing rub you the right way and you're in the NYC area, talk to me. I offer my services to those in need.  Reach out and touch me! 
dickiepuller dickiepuller
56-60, M
Jun 24, 2012