Day At The Spa

A few years ago I decided to spoil my wife with a day at a Spa. I contacted a classy day spa recommended to me by a female colleague and was delighted to find out they had a special package for couples. I made the booking and told my wife. She was very excited about us going together.

On the day we arrived there, was greeted by a beautiful hostess who checked our booking then called two other equally beautiful ladies to show us to our change rooms. Male and female was separate. Danni , my escort, showed me a locker where I can put my clothes, handed me a white robe and on the way out said" you can take everything off, we have special underwear for you" winked and left. I took everything off, locked my clothes away and put on the robe. The robe was slightly on the small size and I had to be very careful that certain parts did not hang out as the robe just closed in front with very little overlay.

I went back to the reception area as instructed and met up with my wife. We were told to enjoy some snacks and juice that was spread out on a table while we wait for our treatment. My wife was also naked under her robe and there was another mother daughter couple there as well also dressed in white robes. In fact I was the only male around and it was starting to get a bit difficult keeping everything inside the robe especially when sitting down.

Luckily before things got out of hand we were called for our Jacuzzi session by Danni, my escort of earlier. We were taken into a room with a nice two seater spa. The walls was painted a dark maroon with dim lighting, rose petals in the spa, soft music and some incense burning. Quite romantic. Danni asked us for our robes and said we should get into the spa. There we were both naked in front of a complete stranger, a first for both of us. We got in the spa and Danni flicked a switch to start the bubble jets and said we should relax she will be back in thirty minutes for our next treat.

Man it was nice and quite erotic as we enjoyed our spa bath talking about being naked in front of strangers and I could see my wife was quite turned on. The thirty minutes passed too quickly. Danni appeared again and helped us out out of the tub handing us towels to dry off. She pointed to a pile on a shelf and said we should each put on a special thong as part of their policy. The "thong" was everything but a thong more like those hospital panties they give you. It barely fitted, was so thin it almost tore when I put it on and covered exactly nothing. We joked about it and put on our robes.

From there we went to another room for a manicure and pedicure which was very nice then we were escorted again to the massage room for our massages.

There was two massage beds and we took the robes of and got on the beds while our masseuses hung our robes on a set of hooks. They started of with an Indian head massage which was absolutely heaven. Seeing my wife on the other bed next to me only wearing the "thong" and her nipples rock hard being massaged by another woman played havoc in my own "thong" I was rock hard and the tip of my **** was poking out of the top. Thankfully we were told to lay facing down for our massage so I could regain some control of myself. The massage was just as wonderful and soon I was totally relaxed and just enjoying the experience. I was pampered from my feet right up to my neck by a pair of very expert hands.

After they were finished with our backs we were told to turn around for the rest of our massage. They started with our feet again and worked their way up avoiding the crotch area but my masseuse scraped my testicles on two occasions and accidentally touched my rock hard *****.
Watching my wife's upper body being massaged with her nipples all over the place and my chest also getting the soft attention of female hands nearly made me loose my load right there.

When our massage was finished I was horny as hell. We were wrapped in plastic and told we must lay there for twenty minutes then they will be back. This gave me time to cool down a bit. My wife also told me how horny the massage made her which didn't help a lot. After twenty minutes the two ladies came back cut the plastic so that we could stand up and walk. They threw the robes over our shoulders as our hands were still covered and helped us to the shower area which was separate again. I was lead into a shower stall where my escort took of my robe and started to unwrap the plastic around me. When the plastic was off the girl said I can take of my thong as well as it was almost falling off by itself anyway. I handed her the remains of the thong which she threw in the corner then brushed past me to open the shower and adjust the water. I was standing there watching her with my pole at full mast again, actually since the start of the day in the change room it never really went anywhere below half mast.

On her way out she looked at my hard **** and gave a little smile, as she brushed past me she gave it a gentle stroke and whispered in my ear that I would enjoy the sauna with my wife as there was no one else around then left.

Did we ever enjoy the sauna...........
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Good story, thanks.