Being A Male Massage Therapist

I was a licensed massage therapist for 10 years, and was always told that I was very good at what I do. I hope that both genders would give male massage therapist a chance to show them what they can do. I have actually had many women clients tell me that they prefer males to females because I can get those deep knots out due to having more strength. I always try to provide the type of massage they seek by asking certain questions before beginning, and paying attention to their verbal and body reactions to my touch.

With every session, the client has the option to be nude or draped. I respect modesty and never come in contact with off limits area. Also allow then to have someone with if it made them feel more at ease. Provided sessions for mostly women, but also did some men and couples. Most preferred to be nude, and found it both sensual and relaxing.

I did provide the happy ending upon request, for both men and women.
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Thank you for sharing this post. I know tha there are other women who are seeking this kind of sensual experience but do not know how to go about it in a sensitive sort of way. Check ou the group for female happy ending. Your experience will be helpful for a lot of women. I know my wife would enjoy one of your massages!

Have always enjoyed giving massages, and consider the ending to be optional to each person. Some want that and some don't