My 1st Tantric Massage

A few months ago I decided to try a tantric massage, knowing it was supposed to be an rather intimate encounter. I found a place that offered this and soon met my tantric "guide”. He explained to me that his approach would be loving, and with a keen awareness of my physical and emotional needs. He also stated to expect the session to last around two hours. I felt confident that I would be in good hands and that we would not be rushed.
Beginning at my shoulders, my guide applied lavish quantities of oil upon my body, then his hands rubbed my back, sides and up toward the sides of my breasts. My arms were extended over my head, and I found myself anticipating more. After about 15 minutes, his well-oiled hands began to caress my buttocks while exploring up and down the crease. Occasionally he would gently grasp my labial lips, and hold them for a prolonged moment. This was an extremely sensual experience, like none I ever felt before. I found my hips arching upwards to allow better access to my ****. 
His fingers touched the intimate parts of my body. He slipped a finger inside of me and explored my **** until eventually my body quivered uncontrollably as he took me to fantastic and much needed ******. I had relinquished all control, and it was absolutely wonderful.I had never before experienced a climax while being on my belly, and he had not even seen me nude on the front side. 
I thought it was over while my breathing returned to normal. He then helped me to roll over onto my back, leaving my breasts and pubic hairs exposed. He began to massage my breasts with an amazingly soft touch. I think he did this for about 10-15 minutes, then he moved to my inner thigh. He focused his total attention to the area that needed to be touched again. As his fingers explored, I quivered over and over again. Then he went for the goal that I needed and soon I had what seemed to be and endless climax. I know I came twice close together before he stopped. Once again, I had to regain my normal breathing rhythm. I was stunned to know that after 40 years on this planet my body could experience such high levels of arousal.
Since then, I find myself looking back on that afternoon with a fond memory that would previously have been unimaginable. 
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I have been seeking a woman who genuinely knows about Tantra.

Great sensous story ! im not a pro, but i give a pretty good full body massage and my gf says the sex is the best after one. she says its great foreplay and when she is relaxed, she **** so more intensely ! cheers to you Karen !

she has been gone for months

Great story! Thanks for sharing

Awesome story. I have been trying to talk my wife into getting a massage from a stranger hoping it would be tantric, but she refuses. She does let me massage her once in a while.

Would love to give such a sensual massage

I've heard of this... but have never been successful at finding such massages. I found that there are massages for both men and women and thought it would be good for my wife and I to try... or better yet...for me to learn so that I can massage my wife. But, I'm at a loss when it comes to finding such things.

Lovely story.

wonderful that you can have the courage and trust to embark on this journey. My wife and I enjoy tantra as well.

Ok, your story is absolutely. Amazing. Just tell me how to find this guy. =P

Wow that was a great experience :)

Fantastic well done. 40 years but never to late to enjoy.

Wonderful story! It sounds like it was quite the experience. I believe I am in need of a great massage!

let me get this paid him to finger your **** to 3 *******? For a sensual, sexual beautiful woman to *** 2x from his touch almost back to back? That's all the proof I need. I made terrible career choices.

staying open and embracing the moment is essential for expanding your bliss. my wife tried it but was not quite ready to let go. perhaps next time! thank you for sharing.

Excellent. A good massage can become a fantastic massage in the right hands.

Sounds lovely

Great story,where can I get one?