I had a Massage therapist that I loved. One day I went in for an appointment only to find out that she left and they put me with another therapist . The woman was nice and the massage was ok but not the same. I am so happy that I just found the spa at which she is now employed . Now tomorrow I can make an appointment the new spa. Yeah!!!
jiltedflower jiltedflower
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

A good massage person is worth their weight in pure gold! I'm so glad you found out where yours went too!

I had a favorite, but lost her, no idea where she went, finding yours again is as good as winning the lottery

Totally agree. Once you are comfy with someone it makes a big difference to a massage.

Super excited...going to see her on Friday!

Brilliant...so jealous. Enjoy. Let me know how you get on!!