I Do Love A Good Massage, But Is This Normal?

I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders, my thighs are tight from running and not enough stretching, I know all this & try to have a massage once in a while (husband says I should have one once a week but i feel it's too indulgent!). I have a new gym instructor and I see him once a week, after the weights session he started to massage my shoulders and told me i ought to have a weekly massage or more. Last week he gave me a leg massage whilst on the mat in middle of gym floor, and I mean all the way up to pelvic area, and said i was so tight he would need to do this to me every week after training. I do like a massage, but although I'm not concerned about this I am a little bit embarrassed about it. Is this normal gym instructor procedure or do i have a particularly attentive one??

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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

innocently enjoy it !!!

Thank you for your comments & advice !
I don't mind it but I do feel just a bit awkward, because I'm very modest and quite reserved - I would not suggest a private place because he would so get the wrong idea. Interesting interpretation Pokerboy but I do NOT want to go all the way with him!

Modest and reserved? You had an affair with me.